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Summer is already knocking on our door and we want to add a touch of summer to our decor, also in the office. Because the change of season brings longer and sunny days and the heat that makes us want cooler environments. The office can also adapt to this part of the annual cycle with some changes and be including some elements that remind us of the sun, the beach, the summer … and make us feel in tune with the time beyond the walls of our office.

That’s why today we’re going to see some summer decoration ideas in the office. So that you surprise everyone with these changes and get to create a more summery and fresh climate in your office. The environment is very important at the time that we are motivated and active and helps to generate a good working climate and improve the results. That’s why you should not forget it and you should give importance to the details, everything counts!

More summery colours

White is the colour of summer par excellence and one of the most used colours in offices for its brightness. If your office is white you already have a lot of livestock, if you do not add this colour to the palette in all kinds of elements to give more light to the environment. The tables in light colours also help to create this feeling more summer and less heavy and wintery. Pastel colours are also an excellent idea to incorporate the summery touch in the office. Dare to try them!

Because summer is also noticeable in the colours. So if you want to give a summer air to your office the first thing is to include light and bright colours such as yellows or oranges or even dare with bright colours like turquoise, green or intense roses But we will not go crazy and paint it all new in our office. You can do it with small decorative elements or include more colourful and fun office supplies. How to post-it in colours fluor or zeal colours. Or change your chair for a colourful… .large your office this summer!

The small details can make a big difference in a summer decoration in the office, so give them the importance and do not cut when choosing folders or colourful folders, markers of different colours and all kinds of objects that help you to erase the grey of the Office. Because colour has to find its place in your office. Green, for example, is a colour that brings a lot of freshness, while blue reminds us of the sea and open spaces.

Tropical inspiration

The decoration of tropical inspiration with its bright colours and its longing for tropical paradises is fashionable. It’s a perfect idea to give the office a very summery look. From including a tropical style paper with large leaves to include colourful and funny little details like pineapples or flamingos. Everything is allowed for your office to become a paradisiacal place and much more relaxed and friendly where you will surely feel inspired.

The tropical decoration is based on the combination of bright colours such as roses with greens or all kinds of tropical forests where exotic birds nest. The cactus is another of its usual elements that you can include natural or in all kinds of details. You will find them anywhere and they will help you brighten the summer decoration in the office without spending too much.

The sailor touch with the summer decoration in the office

The beach is one of the favourite targets for our vacations. That is why all the elements related to it take us to the summer, to the long days of sun and beach or to the beach bars. Include elements of sailor type in the decoration also helps us to create a much fresher and summery feeling. Its colours are also white, gold, sand and blue, summer and fresh. You can also include decorative elements related to the sea such as seashells, shells, starfish….. Also, the red colour combines very well with these white and blue environments providing strength.

Flowers and plants

Nothing like flowers and plants to bring freshness and a feeling of well-being to any corner. Take advantage of them all year round but especially in spring and summer, they cannot be missing from your table and in your office. A vase of fresh flowers, something so simple brings us happiness and a feeling of relaxation. In addition to bringing colour and optimism to any environment. It does not matter if they are simple daisies or some roses, some lilies, lilies … the flowers in a summer decoration in the office never hurts.

In many of our articles, we never forget the decoration with plants as they have many functions. In addition to helping us improve the environment by absorbing part of the radiation of electronic objects are also producing oxygen. But they also bring freshness in such a hot season as summer. Surround yourself with them, as far as possible, in your office and you will soon notice the benefits.

Today many offices include vertical gardens. If you are lucky enough to work in such an office, enjoy them. If you cannot make your small contribution to a greener office with something as simple as a cactus. They are resistant require little care and can be put in any corner so you have no excuse. Surely once you get used to having them close to you, they will be essential in your office.

We hope you have liked these ideas to give your office a more summery and optimistic point. Because offices do not have to be grey and boring, we can also adapt them to the season of the year as we do with home decoration. Happy week.

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