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Job portal in today’s world is the website which generally deals with staffing and recruitment services. It provides various job opportunities for the candidate as per their qualification, job boards are designed in such a manner which allows employers to post their vacancies in their companies and facilitate various job applications. Earlier candidates use to look at the newspaper in the classified section to locate a job. Those classified were limited to a specific region or locality but with the change in time and through the internet facilities people have a wide range of job opportunities not only in their region but on abroad. These job portals are the leading examples of employment of people all over the globe. Through this unemployed and employed candidate can locate a new job as per their interest and submit the job application on their resume to the company for the vacated post.

Online portal work is to classify the job requirements as per the request of the job seeker. This provides job opening option for every working field. Companies just have to post their vacancies on these online portals and the aspirant needs to apply through this websites. It acts as a link to connect job seekers and employers.  There are many vacancies available in Singapore job portal in various fields.

Here are top five Job Boards which can help the job seekers to gain job opportunities:

  1. Monster Singapore:

It is the leading and famous job portal for a new job seeker. It provides more than thousands of job opportunities for fresher and experienced candidates. It gives valuable information to new aspirants as how the resume should be made, gives career counseling and various interview tips for the job seeker. It has created its image as the best online job portal on the globe.

  1. LinkedIn:

It is one of the largest professional networks. It connects the various member of the workforce with different job recruiters. It makes its revenue with member subscription and provides job opening to professionals with leading companies.

  1. Jobs DB:

This is one of the famous online portals for the job seekers. Its main motto is to fulfill the true potential of a candidate. Their main leverage is to match the skilled job seekers to reputed employers across the networks. They provide best opportunities and exceptional value to the employer.

  1. Job Street Singapore:

It helps in matchmaking with job seekers and employers. With a team of more than 800 employees, it continuously works to get a deserving job seeker their desired job based on their qualifications. Their main aim is to provide exceptional value to employers and perfect job opportunities to job seekers.

  1. Career builder:

It provides labor market intelligence and other recruitment solutions. Covering over more than 60 different markets and more than 2800 employees, its workforce is across globe. One of the regional industries frontrunner, it is expertise in providing recruitment in Southeast Asia.

Aspirants looking for a job which suits their qualifications should upload their resume on job portals. These numerous job portals provide more than 10000+ job opportunities at a single time; you don’t have to wait for the opportunity you just have to grab it.

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