The growing business opportunities in the e-vehicles market.

The popularity of battery rickshaw is growing day by day in India. This popularity has come with many new business opportunities for people who were looking for a profitable business venture to undertake. Owing to the high demand of e-rickshaws in the market, the profitability in subscribing for an e-rickshaw dealership is more than ever. The popularity of e-rickshaw among masses is due to several factors led by the mere fact that e-rickshaws provide easy employment opportunities to the people with low and flexible input costs.

The low purchase cost of e-rickshaws makes them economical for people to purchase them. The easy availability of loan finance adds more reasons for people to buy e-rickshaws. Additionally, the cost of operations of running an e-rickshaw is as low as 40 paise per km and thus, eliminating the need for having a high working capital. The average run of an e-rickshaw after a single charge is around 100 km with the recharge time of 3 hours. The ease of operating these vehicles compliments the low cost of running. The vehicles have easy to control features such as the use of a single button for moving the vehicle forward and backward.

The other benefits of e-rickshaws are that they have durable built made from fire retardant and impact resistant plastics accompanied by long-lasting batteries to provide a long service life to the vehicle. Another reason that they are appreciated and are in demand by the public is that they do not emit any pollution in the environment as they run on electrically charged batteries rather than burning fossil fuels.

Battery rickshaw manufacturers are also providing the option to customize these vehicles as per the need and demands of the customer. At the same different e-vehicles are available for various uses such as an e-food truck, e- garbage van, e- school van, etc. Such a different usage is also adding to the popularity of these vehicles in the country.

The growing demand has laid an essential task on every battery rickshaw manufacture to look for reliable and intelligent partners to whom they can grant their brand dealership and fulfill the market demand of these vehicles. The growing awareness for alternative and eco-friendly sources of energy has found alignment with the arrival of e-vehicles in the market. The need and demand for e-vehicles in the country are on the rise, and the future is looking promising for these vehicles as per the current market estimations by the experts.

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