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10 Quick Tips for a Greece Holiday

Going for a Greece holiday with your family or friends is the best time to relax and have the experience of a lifetime by visiting this amazing country. Greece is located in Southern Europe and it is famous for its culture, beautiful landscapes and Ancient Greek history which is represented and celebrated through ancient landmarks, like the Parthenon Temple. There are many such historical sites in Greece that represent the ancient Greek civilization, architecture and its culture. Greece is also known for its polytheistic history which is based around numerous gods and goddesses depicted in several movies over the years. According to the figures shared by the Bank of Greece, there were more than 27 million tourists who spent their vacations in the country within the year 2017, making Greece one of the most visited countries in the world.

If you want to travel cheap and have a wonderful experience of visiting Greece you can go through some quick useful tips that can help you have an amazing Greece holiday.

Learning the History of the Country during your Greece Holiday

The historical sites in Greece are enriched by the history, architecture and the culture of the country. Ancient Greeks contributed to the fields of Philosophy, Literature, Mathematics, History, Democracy, Science etc. making it possible for our society to flourish and become functional. Therefore, knowing the history of Greece, while strolling through its beautiful tourist destinations would benefit you in having a more refreshed and enlightened holiday.

Learning some Important Phrases

Your Greece holiday can be made more comfortable if you learn some basic and simple phrases in Greek to make communication easy for you. This is not necessary since you might find some people speaking English, especially near the tourist spots. The Greeks are generally known for their hospitality and kindness, however, you are guaranteed to experience this warmth and hospitality in a much different way if you attempt to speak in their local language. This effort made by the tourists is taken as a symbol of friendliness by the locals which is greatly appreciated.

Avoid Travelling to Greece during the Peak Season

People often visit Greece during the seasons of spring, early summer or autumn because of the pleasant weather in which they can fully enjoy their vacation and engage in outdoor activities. However, during the peak season majority of people decide to take their holidays including the Greeks themselves, resulting in crowded marketplaces, tourist attractions, and high prices and fares. Therefore, if you want to travel cheap and have a memorable cheap Greece holiday at this beautiful and historic destination, it is advised to plan your vacation during the off-season.

Embracing the Greek Punctuality

Before you set off for this country to have an experience of a lifetime, it is helpful to know a little about the Greek culture e.g. their punctuality. The Greeks have ancient beliefs about taking their time and not rushing anything because of which you will not receive quick services in restaurants or during transportation, therefore, be patient.

Understanding the Greek Culture

Greeks of different age groups follow different kinds of culture, e.g. younger Greeks are more open-minded than their elders, which is why the Greek culture is a mixture of conservatism and modernism. Therefore, for a pleasant Greece holiday, it is helpful to know the cultural boundaries of the areas you visit in Greece, especially if the destination has any religious sites or buildings.

Visiting the Islands

Greece offers the most unique and extraordinary experience of visiting islands because it has over 2000 islands with different activities and facilities available according to the desires of its guests. There are separate islands if you want to enjoy a beach, participate in water sports, explore the history and culture of Greece or experience Greek festivals and local foods.

Visiting the Mainland

Apart from visiting the breath-taking islands, the mainland of Greece also holds sights that should not be missed. The mainland has mountain ranges, golden beaches, a great number of historical sites that have great archaeological value being a part of Greece’s history and culture. There are affordable bus and rail services that pass through a number of key destinations if you want to travel cheap.

Knowing the Important Tourist Attractions to Visit

There are a lot of tourist attractions in Greece, however, if your Greece holiday is for a few days you probably won’t be able to visit all the destinations. In such cases, it is helpful to know the important sights so you can prioritize your time and finances accordingly and visit the historical places that have a special connection to the history of Greece. These places include:

  • Athens – the capital of Greece
  • Olympia – the sacred site of ancient Olympic games
  • Meteora – monasteries on top of rock mountains
  • Delphi Ruins – has Temple of Apollo
  • Mount Olympus – the mythological ruling place of the Greek gods

Keeping your Finances in Order

You cannot travel to another country and transact or spend money without properly managing your finances first and learning how to keep them safe. Here are a few tips that can help you in managing and keeping your finances safe:

  • Create a budget and keep several money options i.e. cash, credit cards, debit cards etc.
  • Notify your bank regarding your trip to avoid any complications with your account’s security system triggered by overseas purchases etc.
  • Ask your bank about any possible relations they might have with any Greek bank to make cash withdrawals easy, with fewer charges.
  • Apply for credit or debit cards that incur fewer fees when they are used overseas to make transactions, withdrawals and purchases easy and affordable in another country.

Keeping the Important Documents Safe during your Greece Holiday

The most essential tip that you should not overlook while you’re travelling to Greece or any other country is to make sure that your important documents are safe. In case of an unfortunate event that may cause you to lose your passport, identification or any other such documents, it is necessary that you make copies of the following documents:

  • Passports
  • Your driver’s licence
  • Any travel documents i.e. tickets, visas, etc.
  • Receipts for equipment such as laptops and cameras (to claim insurance)
  • Birth certificates of your children

You can either make hard copies of these documents or save digital copies in your online storage such as Dropbox or email, anything that can be quickly accessed.

Bottom Line!

Greece is one of the most beautiful countries with a high tourist rate because of its spectacular sceneries, islands, archaeological sites rich in Greek’s history and culture and unlimited opportunities for the tourists to experience the food, festivals etc. Therefore, in order to travel cheap and have a memorable Greece holiday, you should follow the tips mentioned above.

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