Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S9: The thing everyone is waiting for

After everything that has been said, pro and con, of the Samsung S8, we can say Samsung has done an outstanding job. And now, with the rumors, Samsung Galaxy S9 is topping the list of trends.

Talking about S8, the first thing to say is that Samsung has not given us the phone so we are completely free to say what we want. Second, we are iPhone users so it is likely that we will see the duster on more than one occasion, although as always I will be critical and say both what I like and what I do not like. And this last link with the third point to take into account: this is my opinion on a smartphone, you can consider or not, but do not go crazy, if the Samsung S8 you like to buy it, you will always find people to favor and against. And, we expect Samsung provide something more with the Samsung Galaxy S9.

The design of the Galaxy S8 is flashy, attractive, quirky, and risky and I add that I find it sexy. It is striking because of its size, which we will discuss in detail later. Attractive for that semi-curved design that makes the screen not have beveled or side edges. Peculiar by its bet of placing the main sensor in a secondary part in use of the telephone. But it is sexy; it is soft, like silky, the crystals touch is downright comfortable to catch. I can bet Samsung is working really hard on the Samsung Galaxy S9 design, because the leader should always come up with something new.

The screen marks the general design of the phone, the edges of the phone only exist at the bottom, which serves only for the protection and holding of the screen, and a top frame where a good number of sensors are hidden, from left to right: iris recognition led, ambient and proximity light sensors, the speaker for voice calls, the front camera for taking pictures and videos and an additional camera on the right side of it dedicated exclusively for iris recognition. Infinity plus display is the thing rumored for the Samsung Galaxy S9.

At the top we find the tray for the micro-sim card and micro-SD card. The right side is dedicated to the on / off button. On the left side we find the buttons to lower and raise volume, plus an additional button that Samsung has added for its Bixby service of which we will talk, but little since it would be losing energy.  At the bottom of the S8 we find the 3.5mm audio jack, the cable charging port that is USB-c type and to the right of the whole microphone plus the speaker. At the design configuration, S8 is seriously ahead in the design to Apple, but Galaxy S9 will be a new league in itself.


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