How to Prevent Fires in Commercial Kitchens and Restaurants

The food service businesses require a kitchen because it is a place where the food is prepared. Without the commercial kitchen, it is not possible to offer delicious food to the customers. The commercial kitchen can be a hazardous place because it is a super busy place and full of equipment and appliances. It is important that you take all the precautionary measures to make it a safe place to work.

Fires are pretty common in commercial kitchens because there is a lot of cooking going on at the same time. It is essential that the fire hazards are dealt with because it can be pretty dangerous.

Here are a few tips that you can help you in reducing the risk of fire in a commercial kitchen.

Fire Assessment Report:

If you want the kitchen to become a safe place and reduce the chances of a fire then you need to know the vulnerable areas of the kitchen that might cause a fire and improve the safety of the kitchen. The best way of finding the improvements that you need to make is to get a fire risk assessment. The assessment is carried out by professionals and they will let you the improvements that the kitchen needs. The report includes suggestions like whether the kitchen needs mains powered smoke alarm or a new fire alarm or not. It is easier to make the place safe when the potential hazards are identified.

Follow Manufacturer’s Instructions:

The commercial kitchen is full of equipment and if the equipment is not installed and used properly then the equipment can become a potential fire hazard. Make sure that the equipment is not poorly installed. You should always use the manufacturer’s instructions that come with appliance and it will make it possible for you to not just install it properly but also use it efficiently. The instructions also offer some insight on how you can maintain it.

Emergency Remote Power Shutdown:

You should take all the possible safety precautions to make the commercial a safe working environment and along with that, you should also prepare for the worst. There should be a system that allows you to turn the electricity and gas off in case of a fire. The layout of the kitchen should be designed in a way that it is easy to navigate in case of emergency and is also effective in containing the damage.

Educating the Kitchen Staff:

It is important the staff is properly educated on the fire safety protocol of the kitchen. There is no point in having a safety protocol if the staff is not aware of it and does not follow it. Make sure that all the staff members are fully educated on all the safety protocols that are in place. They should wear the adequate clothes and the hair is tied back and do not wear anything that is easily flammable.

These are some precautionary measures that every commercial kitchen needs to make sure that the chances of a fire are reduced and it is a safe working environment.

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