Error While Importing Contacts from Excel to Outlook: Get the Solution

Error While Importing Contacts from Excel to Outlook: Get the Solution

User Query 1: ” One of my friends got XLS file from his boss which contains the contacts for some of his clients and his boss asked him to contact all those clients for a meeting. He converted that Excel file to Outlook account but didn’t get the contacts in the Outlook Address Book. He tried another manual way also but, no solution. As we have very less time for the meeting, so can anyone please suggest a relevant software to export XLS to Outlook account?”

User Query 2: “I just started using Outlook for the first time. I have many contacts and email addresses of my employees in Excel spreadsheet. Now I want to move that .xls files into my MS Outlook profile. I have used some methods for doing the process. But it migrates duplicate address book also an empty email address and producing the error while importing contacts from Excel to Outlook. Do you have any idea to export Excel to Microsoft Outlook without duplicate?.”

Do you know how to move Excel emails to Outlook? Are you searching for a solution to transfer Excel profile? Then, you can get the solution from this blog and know how to convert Excel file to Outlook contacts in a trouble-free way and without losing any data. Nowadays, people generally save their email addresses and contacts on the phones or email accounts. Likewise, they can easily synchronize that contacts and email address to the email clients. We know that MS Outlook is a popular email client that is providing us various features. So, both the technical or no-technical users want to import XLS file to Outlook. In this article, we will show you how to convert contacts from Excel to Outlook address book. Go to the blog and implement the steps carefully to transfer Excel address book to Outlook without any hassle.

Need to Export Excel Data to Outlook

In the various professional organization, according to the work structure, the user information will be stored in different file types. Sometimes these contact files of users, employees, customers etc. should be converted to the MS Outlook profile to send emails or any other purposes, which are stored in the Excel spreadsheet. Is there occurs an error while importing contacts from Excel to Outlook? Then you can go through the following steps.

Manual Method to Save Emails from XLS to Outlook

Excel is a suitable application for storing your contacts, calendars details etc. The Excel spreadsheet provides different ways to process your files: combine various data with emails, avoid duplicates, update fields in all data, sorting options, etc. You can export Excel emails to Outlook after your files are processed in the way you required. To save Excel address book to Outlook, you must have to convert the files to CSV format

The manual consists of three steps:

  1. Import the CSV file.
  2. Save the CSV file to vCard format.
  3. Import resultant vCard file to Outlook account.

Import Required CSV File to Convert Excel File to Outlook

  1. Press Windows + R and type contacts in the window.

2. After click OK, you will get a contact window. Here click on Import option. After clicking on it, one window will be opened and you have to select the desired format to import. And press on Import in order to move Excel contacts to MS Outlook.

3. Then a window will open and click on Browse option to choose a file to open while exporting Excel address book to Outlook. And click Next.

4. Now, another window will open to map the fields you want to import. After changing the mapping, click on Finish.

5. By this, you can successfully transfer the contacts to Contacts window, it is the first step to transfer Excel file to Outlook profile.

Export the CSV file to vCard

    1. After importing the contact while converting Excel emails to Outlook, click on the Export option. Now an Export Window Contacts will be opened.

  1. From here you have to select the format to migrate the CSV contacts to vCard. Click Export.
  2. Likewise, you can save CSV contacts to vCard format. From the desired location you can move the Excel contacts to Outlook without producing any error while importing contacts from Excel to Outlook.

Limitations of Manual Method

For manual method, there are some limitations:

  • Lengthy procedure.
  • Takes more time to extract Excel to Outlook account.
  • Only import limited Excel address book/contacts to Outlook.

Expert Technique to Save Excel Contacts to Outlook

SysTools Excel to Outlook Converter software can move multiple numbers of Excel data to MS Outlook at one time. We can batch export Excel data to Microsoft Outlook without any file corruption or data loss. The software enables to load & preview the files inside the Microsoft Excel. There is an option to delete the duplicate contacts and empty email address during transferring process. You can successfully migrate XLS file without producing any error while importing contacts from Excel to Outlook. The user can create a distribution list for all Excel contacts and save it in Outlook. It is mandatory that MS Outlook should be there on the desktop system.


In this article, we have discussed some methods of how to export Excel data to Outlook profile. One is the manual method and will take much time to save Excel Address book to MS Outlook account. Some users find the manual ways a bit time-consuming and search for a relevant and optimum automated solution to migrate Excel file to Outlook account. It is a lengthy procedure and sometimes it will produce an error while importing contacts from Excel to Outlook. After a survey we find such a software i.e. SysTools Excel to Outlook Converter, to save XLS file in Outlook account, in its original format. By using this third-party tool you can successfully export Excel emails to Outlook account in bulk without any issues.

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