Parking Guidance Solution
Parking Guidance Solution

We can help you to get Benefited through Smart Parking Automation Facility

If you are looking for parking automation, then you are definitely on the right track. With us you can get all the desired information on parking automation. It is basically an engineering solution which is architected in such a fashion that can reduce the area and volume required for parking cars and also manages the parking space intelligently.

Having more than 14 years of experience in smart parking, we have introduced a smart system to manage parking automatically. In this system, Cars are parked on different levels in stacks vertically. Mostly to minimize the land usage and maximize the parking space the parking automation facilities are used. We have also introduced Robotic parking and automated vehicle storage systems forms of parking automation system.

Well, now if have the interest to know different kinds of parking systems we deal with, read the underneath points to get more detailed information.

  • The shuttle systems:

The system uses autonomous shuttles and elevators to park and retrieve vehicles. Shuttles in this system are flexible. The shuttles move horizontally within a shuttle lane. A robot or conveyor belts, located on the shuttle can park or retrieve a vehicle at or from the designated location by moving the vehicle to and fro the shuttle and the parking space. It increases the parking density so that multiple rows of vehicles can be added.

  • The Silo system:

It is a cylindrical system which has single, centrally positioned mechanism to park and retrieve vehicles. This mechanism moves vertically and rotates simultaneously allowing the vehicle platform to move to and from one parking spot to another very quickly. Silo systems are installed underground, and are most suitable where soil conditions are particularly unfavourable, but it can also be installed above the ground.

Single or multiple parking modules are possible with silo systems usually only one vehicle can be parked or retrieved at one time. As there is only one mechanism for parking and retrieving vehicles, and little possibility of adding another.

  • Tower system:

This system is typically made up with vehicle elevator with a parking space on either side of the elevator shaft. This particular configuration is used and repeated over a number of levels to complete the parking tower. There is a parking module located on the ground floor, where the vehicle is turned, and the vehicle elevator simple raises to one of the parking levels of the tower and deposits the vehicle sideways into a parking space. This process is reversed to retrieve a vehicle.

Now, as you are aware of different kinds of parking automation, you should also know the advantages of parking automation you can avail with us, if you choose us for this purpose.

As we have efficient and extremely skilled and experienced professional experts, all your customised requirements can be easily converted to a smart parking solution which can be really useful to you to a great extent. Our system is able to provide safe, secure parking of cars with safety advantages for users. It is guaranteed that we will surely increase the parking capacity over comparably sized conventional garages. With our smart and efficient system, you can accommodate cars with different heights and also large luxury cars. By having great control options, you can always perform tasks with greater efficiency. If you need, you should choose our services without any hesitation.

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