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How to Add Watermark Image To PDF Invoice?

The main purpose of sales invoice is to maintain a record of the sale. It contains all the detail related to the sold product. An invoice is a commercial document that itemizes a transaction between a buyer and a seller. It is a convenient way to track the date a good was sold, cost of the product and any outstanding debt. The invoice is a valuable and essential tool for accounting. Therefore, it is extremely important to maintain the copyright of these documents. Thus, the seller can add watermark image to PDF invoices. An invoice receipt not only keeps the record of the cost it also indicates the products, quantities, agreed prices for products, services the seller had provided the buyer. It also specifies the terms of the deal, and provide information on the available methods of payment and track which employee has made the sales.

What are the Different Types of PDF Invoices

There are several types of invoice available from the seller’s end and these are:

1) Standard Invoice

2) Commercial Invoice

3) Progress Invoice

4) Timesheet Invoice

5) Utility Invoice

6) Recurring Invoice

7) Pro-forma invoice

8) Debit Memo

Need To Add Watermark Image To PDF Invoice

Most of the retailer provides the invoice in Portable document file format thus, maintenance of copyright should be on top priority. The user can apply watermark to PDF invoices in order to prevent the document from being copied and allow buyers to know who owns the copyright. The watermark can be text, image, logo which indicates the owner of the document. If you have created several invoice documents, then you should add watermark image to PDF invoice in the background of the original text for a copyright purpose. But it is not an easy task as it seems. For digital watermark users must make sure that the watermark should be less visible and more transparent in such a way that it is hard to notice. So, that it does not put any impact on the visibility of the actual data which superimposes the watermark. To add watermark to PDF invoice you can proceed with Free PDF Watermark Creator Tool. SysTools PDF watermark Generator is one of the best software to apply watermark to PDF. The application has both the option to add Text and Image as a watermark. Its advanced features explained below:

  • Software easily insert watermark to PDF invoice in batch
  • You can add watermark image to PDF invoice
  • It supports image type: JPG, PNG, GIF, JPEG etc
  • While adding text it provides an option to customize its Color, Size & Placement
  • PDF watermark creator tool has an option to set the transparency level

How Professional Tool Apply Watermark To PDF Invoices?

  • Install and launch SysTools PDF Watermark software on your machine and click on Watermark to insert watermark to PDF invoice
  • Select radio button of Image Watermark to add picture watermark to PDF invoice
  • Now, add the invoice files on which you want to apply watermark
  • Browse the Image and set Position and Transparency Level of Image
  • Select the desired location to store watermarked PDF invoices
  • Click on Generate to add Watermark Image to PDF invoice
  • After the completion of the watermarking process, you will get a confirmation screen
  • Go to the location and check the invoices or documents


Invoice of any product is a very sensitive document. As it contains several details related to the sale status of a particular product. Therefore, it should be a watermark oriented page. Whether it is online marketing or offline invoices become very common. Therefore, it is important to add watermark image to PDF invoice. The above section has suggested a software that is SysTools PDF Watermark. The utility is capable to insert watermark smoothly without affecting the original data and it’s a free solution. To apply Watermark to PDF invoices I will suggest you for PDF watermark creator freeware tool.

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