Top Tips to Make the Most Out Of Your Child’s Summer Sports Camps

Raising children is a full-time job. Intertwining personal and family time is what living is all about. Every individual has the main role to play and make it possible to live day to day. This includes working for money or working to see things run smoothly. Bread earners, managers and kids (reason for marrying and family) have to fit everything they can in their daily routines. The sun rises and sets and we manage our monthly budget to pay the bills. All this for the joy of living.

So even though kids are the biggest joys in our lives, don’t let them eat away at your time. You do need to use your 24 hours in most judicious ways. After all, you are doing it for each and every one in your household, right? Of course, kids cannot drive yet. Until they do, you are still responsible for helping them reach places to spend their time creatively.

Summer comes every year, just as night follows day follows night. Not only children but also anyone needing something from you will easily monopolize your time if you just let them. High school football is no exception with coaches organizing summer camps for conditioning young minds and bodies. Summer practices and camps may be a smart move for them but takes away what little reprieve parents may look forward to in summer hols.

Avoid frustration due to fresh encroachment on your time. That won’t decrease tasks you need to complete within the week. Maximize your weekly productivity and avoid stress at the same time. Key is acceptance, dealing with situation in best possible way and moving ahead.

  1. Discuss carpooling with other parents.

Carpooling is as old as cars have been around. It can reclaim your evenings with nothing to lose. You just need a few families agreeing to carpool. Parents sharing responsibility deal effectively with stress due to rushing around during practice times.

  1. Make quick and easy dinners you can take on the go.

Saving time, making and consuming dinners during these periods can be crucial. You do need to ensure nutritious food for everyone. There are many healthy, 30-minute or less dinner ideas, you can take on the go. Turn busy nights to successful evenings while getting things done to make your children happy.

  1. Plan your errands during practices.

Long enough practices can be a blessing in disguise. Planning errands instead of passing time moping around wishing you could be somewhere else helps beat the game to maximize time. It is an opportunity to do last minute shopping. Explore stores in vicinity for similar or better products.

  1. Find a nearby cafe to relax or get some extra work done.

Whether there is a café nearby or not, you can find ways to get some work done or simply relax – good book notwithstanding. Evening hours spent at a local coffee shop can create long lasting memories that sustain psychological wellbeing. Coffee shop evenings are less busy providing perfect ambience to focus on things.

What tips and tricks do you have to maximize your time during your kid’s practices?

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