Race 3 Movie Review

The latest Salman Khan flick, Race 3 is another addition to the Race series that is famous for its high-speed chases and a plethora of action scenes. Based on the previous films on a family involved in borderline crime, and is on the verge of self-destruction, as no one is what they seem. The movie is directed by Remo D’Souza and features a star-studded cast with Salman Khan, Anil Kapoor featuring in the main roles supported by the likes of Daisy Shah, Jacqueline Fernandez, and Bobby Deol. The movie might not be the best flick available but is worth the watch. Consider booking your tickets on Ticketnew and avail the Ticketnew offers like availing a discount of 20% on paying via Freecharge.

Race 3 movie cast: Salman Khan, Anil Kapoor, Jacqueline Fernandez, Bobby Deol, Daisy Shah

Race 3 movie director: Remo D’Souza

Race 3 movie rating: 2 stars out of 5

The full story of Race 3 movie:

The film follows how Shamsher (Anil Kapoor) trusts Sikandar Salman Khan) with a high-stakes heist, believing it all would go well. But with twists and turns at every corner, it does not go down the way Shamsher thought it would. A film full of betrayals and change of colors, the trailer promised a lot of things, big guns, fast cars, and the action never seen in Indian movies as the film races to an unpredictable climax.

Shamsher Singh is a runaway criminal from some village close to Allahabad, who has somehow build a criminal empire in the Al-Shifa Island, which his brother had bought long ago in case of hard times. His Stepson, Sikander, played by Salman Khan, is the one who handles the illegal arms business of the family. There is some inter-family rivalry going on between Sikander and Sanjana and Suraj, Shamsher’s other kids, for the control of all the business.

The story has a common theme throughout, cars, and lots of them, with SUVs, airborne fighters and much more than a handful of bullets the main driving force of the movie. Sanjana and Suraj, are kidnapped by some adversary and are in a den protected by bodyguards, but that doesn’t worry Shamsher, who trusts Sikander enough to sort it out. And he does so, and rightly so in a way that makes Suraj exclaim, “What the hell, bro!”, Precisely.

The film is infamous for its not so ordinary dialogues, and one thing is for sure, there is a lot more than the Our business dialogue to cringe on, but we’ll keep this spoiler free for you so you can enjoy it on your terms.

The movie follows the Singh family in planning to execute a heist, where they aim to steal a hard disk from a bank, which does look like a setup meant for lots of thrills and actions. But the story ends up looking rather flimsy.

Yes, there’s a lot of some and fire, with Bentleys, Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s, all blown up in various scenes, the movie takes it a bit too far from the prequels, with the dysfunctional family being a lot more dysfunctional in Race 3 compared to the predecessors.

Star Performance:

Salman Khan, is the leading man, and India’s most bankable stars, which is proved by the films box office performance, is clocking in for his yearly EID release, but the execution is somewhat lackluster. Salman as Sikander, shoots, romances, rides the best of cars, and even has a significant share of fight scenes, even his oddly repeated t-shirt tearing scene for the climactic fight, But despite all the blasts and pyrotechnics on show, his performance feels somewhat uncommitted and isn’t helped a bit by Shiraz Ahmed’s screenplay which is riddled with Cliché’s. Anil Kapoor does add a rather suave touch, and Daisy Shah is impressive in her Martial-arts stunts, which somewhat make up for her acting elsewhere which fails to live up to the mark. Jaqueline Fernandez shows off an unknown talent for pole dancing, with average acting saving her from much blame. Bobby Deol is in the movie, bits here and there, and that’s all for his part.

Direction and Music Review of Omerta:

The movie is directed by Remo D’Souza, shows his love for blasting whatever occurs to his mind, and despite impressive work in his previous movies, he feels a bit out of place at this helm. An accomplished choreographer feels right as the director for one of the best dance films from Bollywood in ABCD, but it feels like he tried to get a lot more out of pyrotechnics than his characters. Drawing out every film scene with ultra-slow-mo scenes that feel rather excessive, he draws the film out too long.

Screenwriter Shiraz Ahmed hasn’t delivered the best of his works, as the movie feels like excessive twists and turns combined with action scenes and pyrotechnics that fail to go together and end up as confusing for the everyday cinema goer. The movie needed to get more out of its character, but it rather fails by focusing on what they have to show and not what they are.

The movie has a soundtrack that has rather impressed the public, with the film score composed by Salim Sulaiman and has various songs by artists like Meet Bros and JAM8, with many party hits and love songs finding the approval of the audience.

Expert Critics Reviews:

While a movie may be a box office, hit even if it lacks a great script or a good opening with a highly attractive cast, but it does need a good review to expect people in the days after the release, once the Star hypes die down. Here are some of the reviews that would justify the ratings of Race 3.

Times of India rates the movie at 2/5 stars and finds that despite all of its big moments, the movie just fails to build any real feeling of intrigue and credible suspense, that made the predecessors from the franchise worth giving a shot. While the film tries hard to keep you guessing who will win the Race with a lot of twists and turns, you are left to wonder when you will finally cross the line.

Hindustan Times is left amazed by how much derived of sense the movie “Race 3” is and calls it as full of everything that students of film are taught against doing, with lack of logical filmmaking or a sensible screenplay. They believe the film wants non-Salman fans to mind their own business and rates it 1/5.

Hollywood reporter also blasts away the film calling it drawn out and boring and claiming that when one is longing for the appearance of the car, that is the Bugatti Veyron, in the movie rather than a look of the main lead, there is certainly something wrong with the movie. They consider it a 2/5.

Box Office Collection of Race 3:

The movie’s trailer gained popularity for all the wrong reasons with the lack of sense in some scenes and the much-debunked dialogue by Daisy Shah which has been the butt of online jokes, being the major takeaways from the article. None the less the movie rode the Salman Khan hype train, who delivers in the financial aspects, as the most bankable star.
The film released on more than 4000 screens and collected a massively impressive near 30 crores on its first day, even becoming the biggest opener of the year in the process. It earned even more with near 40 crores on the second day, despite it being the day of Eid. The movie is a classified hit at the box office and is the third highest grossing film of the year in just four days after it’s release with no signs of slowing.

Conclusion: Despite the many shortcomings in reviews, the movie is a certified hit at the box office and has won the hearts of Salman fans at the least, if not the others. Every movie is nonetheless made with a lot of hard work and efforts from the crew as much as the cast and is still worth a watch considering the good music and the explosions if you’re an action maniac. Do try your hands at sites like Ticketnew to avail some Ticketnew offers like getting 30% by paying with Phonepe to avail the tickets of the movie for cheap.