Wedding Expenses, Groom’s Parents Should Avoid

Wedding is an auspicious as well as lifetime event. Both, the bride & groom’s family are involved in planning for the wedding because they want to make the event lavish and grand. Couple’s families are involved in planning the wedding and following all the traditions and customs. But all the arrangements regarding wedding comprises several expenses and traditionally the bride’s family pays for most of the wedding expenses. Groom’s parents also contribute amount of money in several events like rehearsal dinner, groom’s cake etc. around the special day. However, bride’s family takes care of all the events and wedding related expenses from wedding card design to wedding venue. They plan and invest well to make their guests & groom’s family comfortable and happy. Every arrangement takes place according to the traditions, so the groom’s parents also fulfill their side of traditions.

Time has been changing, likewise, trends & traditions are changing too. Nowadays, groom’s family likes to contribute financially even more than usual on their son’s wedding. There are several occasions where groom’s parents can involve financially but there are still many expenses they should avoid contributing for bride’s side:

Don’t contribute in the bridal shower

Groom’s mother can organize the bridal shower party or she will be a part of the party as a guest or as an organizer of the event. But she doesn’t need to pay for bridal shower, this contribution left for the bride’s mother or bridesmaids. So being groom’s mother try to avoid such expenses for the bride.

Don’t pay for Wedding gown

Bride & bride’s family can call or invite groom’s mother to join them so she can help in choosing the wedding dresses. After selecting wedding apparels, when the time comes to pay for the shopping, this is the cost that actually taken care by the bride’s parents.

Engagement ring

 The groom and groom’s family can gift the bride an heirloom ring to make her feel special. But paying for the wedding bands isn’t the expense that should be involved in groom’s list. The groom should be paying for the engagement ring only when the couple is gifting the wedding band to each other.

Expenses for the bachelor or bachelorette party

 Calling your parents in the bachelor or bachelorette party depends on how close you are with them. There are some couples who do invite their parents to such parties but all the expenses are taken care by the bride’s side.

 Gifts for the bridal party

Bride & her family have already spent time and money to be a part of your wedding, so the gifts for the bridal side should come from you and the groom. Both of you should not involve any of your parents for such expenses.

Wedding favors

Both the bride and groom should cover this expense because wedding favors are the way to say thanks to your guests for being a part of your wedding and making this day memorable.

Both the bride & groom’s family should take care about the guidelines while planning for their wedding.