Marriage Is All About Rituals And Customs

Elite wedding conventions are a solid impression of elite culture with custom, tune, move, sustenance, and dress that have advanced over hundreds of years. Here sre some rituals and functions that are performed before marriage;

Rokka (pre-engagement)

This is an informal commitment service where the groom’s family and companions come and offer favors to the lady of the hour to be. The beginning of this function lies in the orchestrated marriage standard, where the guardians would declare that they are searching for a reasonable counterpart for their child or little girl, and once they had discovered that match, their inquiry had reached an end. In spite of the fact that rings are not traded, the couple stand informally connected after this service. Elite matrimony grooms side and brides side perform this function together.

Mangni/Shagun (commitment)

Commitment is a critical piece of a wedding. The lady of the hour’s family visits the groom’s family with blessings to affirm the commitment.


The lady of the hour’s family visits the groom’s family bringing blessings, the glue for the tikka stamp and a silver plate with a couple of grains of rice and saffron in a little silver bowl, 14 dried dates (chuharey) enveloped by silver thwart and a coconut enclosed by gold leaf. The lady of the hour’s dad applies the stamp to the groom’s brow, favors him and gives him some cash. The lady’s family gets crates of seven dried organic products: almonds, cashew nuts, dried dates, coconut pieces, raisins, dried apricots (khurman) and puffed lotus seeds (phoolmakhana). The tikka function might be joined with the commitment. To start with, the young lady is hung with a chunni (stole), or, in other words lavish. In a few families this chunni is a family treasure, go down from age to age. She is likewise given gems, which her mom and sister-in-law encourage her wear. A modest spot of henna glue (mehndi) is connected to her palm for good fortunes, and the capacity is fixed with the trading of rings.


There is a sangeet work facilitated by the lady of the hour’s family, in which only a couple of close individuals from the groom’s family are welcomed. The lady’s family plays the dholak drums and sing tunes in which they bother the groom and his family. These days, individuals employ DJs and host a move get-together, trailed by supper. A women sangeet is held for the lady of the hour and her bridesmaids.


The last real capacity before the wedding is enhancement with brief henna (mehndi) tattoos. Mehndi specialists are called to the places of the kid and young lady and apply mehandi to the palms of the female relatives, and the hands and feet of the lady. A crate containing bindi and bangles is given around so young ladies can pick those that match the outfit they intend to wear to the wedding. The Mehandi function happens in the climate of a gathering. For the lady of the hour the mehndi is sent by the future Mother in Law, or, in other words. Elite matrimony brides generally perform the function of mehndi.

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