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On a mission of maintenance, Indian Railways assure compensating inconvenience

Indian Railway plans to a maintenance drive of the trains. The authorities have set different time period for weekdays and weekends to carry out the mission.
Passengers of the Indian Railways have been filing frequent complaints regarding delayed train timings in the past. Considering that, the Railways has decided to fix its schedule by August 15, 2018. The new time-table will include certain ‘time blocks’, which are being created to encourage maintenance work.
Time blocks refer to a particular time slot, which will be assigned for conducting the repair work. The authorities are ensuring to organize the schedule in a way that minimum disruption is caused in the services, and maintenance is carried out in a phased manner.
A section of track will be cleared in a particular time block and no other train will be permitted to have the same route. The new drive is expected to be implemented after the affected trains are identified. Moreover, maintenance will be conducted across all 17 zones.
A Business Standard report quoted Railway Minister Piyush Goyal as saying, “We will be combining the works from across the zones and try to carry out maximum maintenance work on Sundays.”
He also informed that passengers holding reserved tickets will be provided with complimentary food and water, in case a train is delayed during meal time. This facility will be provided by the catering and ticketing arm of Indian Railways, the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC). However, for the time being, unreserved passengers are not a part of the scheme.
Rajeev Mittal, Director at RK Associates, highlighted that improving the conditions of the Indian Railways was actually crucial. The initiative towards the maintenance of trains by the authorities is not vague. It’s great that they have equally thought of the passengers, along with the condition of the Railways.
In the year 2002, Rajeev Mittal started with a small restaurant in Pune, Comesum. It was later that he became a railway contractor, and began providing catering services to the Indian Railways.
Manish Chandra, owner and founder at Rail Restro, commented that the initiative is great, but ruling out unreserved passengers is not very considerate of the decision-makers. Passengers travelling in all classes will be facing the delay, so the facility should also be same for all.
Rail Restro is an establishment that offers food to the passengers of the Railways. The company ensures to offer convenient availability of a variety of food choices that include North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, Mughlai, Hyderabadi, Continental, Italian, Non-vegetarian, and Vegetarian among others.
The maintenance work during weekdays is likely to create time blocks of 2-3 hours, according to the schedule set by the Railways. Moreover, it would be possible to extend to 5-6 hours during the weekends. The primary emphasis to complete as much work as possible will be given to Sundays.
The Railways has also introduced a GPS logger system in order to track the maintenance work. The system will keep a tab on the progress real time for each train, for which the data will be available on the official website of the Indian Railways.

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