Top 4 Benefits of Repackaging Blog Content

In the world of social media marketing and search engine optimization, duplicate content is a big no-no. That doesn’t mean, however, that after you’ve published something once you can’t get anything else out of it. Reusing and repackaging one single blog post can offer a lot more SEO value to it.

Reusing and Repackaging Blog Content:

One blog entry can be turned into an audio recording, a video demonstration, a slideshow, a photo gallery, a downloadable PDF file, an ebook, a webinar, a game, and so much more.

Why should you bother reformatting and re-structuring your content in so many different ways?

Here just some of the benefits of reusing and repackaging blog content.

1. You Can Reach a Wider Audience

Repackaging your content can help you to deliver that content to many more people. It will widen your potential audience by giving everyone access to the same information. An audio recording will allow the visually-impaired to participate on your blog, as well as anyone with illiteracy or learning disabilities that make reading difficult. Many more people who can read simply prefer not to, and a video, for example, is much more appealing to them, and will give them a way to view your blog in their preferred method.

2. You Can Appeal to Different Readers

Even if you don’t change the format, you can revise your blog content to appeal to different groups of people. If you revisit the same material from a different point of view, for example, you may catch the attention of people that viewpoint who previously weren’t interested. An informal version of a formal, professional piece would be better for younger readers. You could also create more or less in-depth versions of the same information for people with different levels of prior knowledge or skill.

3. You Can Save Yourself Time and Effort

It’s no secret that maintaining a blog can be difficult and time consuming. All blog writers experience writer’s block at some time or another, because coming up with new topics so often is challenging. If you repackage content you’ve used before, it can save you the time you would have spent brainstorming a new topic and researching that new topic. Since you’re already familiar with the ideas and have a starting point, it can be an easier and faster way to create content, especially in a pinch.

4. You Can Distribute to More Channels

An all-text blog entry would not be suitable for YouTube, but a video version of that post would be. If you can break a long, detailed entry down into a much smaller summary, you could post it to Facebook. The same concepts represented visually through photographs could give you new Instagram, Twitter, or Tumblr content. Repackaging makes it possible to get the same ideas out in more channels, and thus also exposing them and appealing to a wider audience. When you’re stuck for social media content, a post about an old blog entry can still make for fresh and new content for that audience.

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