Makeup and Skincare Tips to Defy Ageing

Some people never realize it is their own responsibility to age gracefully. Age sneaks up from behind before you realize it is often too late to do anything about it. It’s best to start early or in time to keep looking your best and far younger than your years. You need a few magic tricks up your sleeve! It is better to undo signs of aging rather than trying to conceal them. It’s important to be your youthful best at all times of the day.

My family used to tease me about combing hair just before going to bed! I could wake up with not a hair out of place! Actually, it was getting ready for a deep, restful and peaceful sleep to rejuvenate me for the next day.

“Sleep is a morsel of death borrowed to keep up and renew that part of life which has been exhausted by the day.”

– Arthur Schopenhauer

Skip heavy foundation

Avoid laying on a thick foundation. It cracks up to reveal fine lines you’d rather not let people know. Moisturize first and follow up with a primer. Finally, use light liquid foundation or BB cream. Skin plumping serum after moisturizer makes for a youthful glow.

Moisturize the eyelids

Eyelids are delicate parts but should not be neglected during routine moisturizing therapy. Dry eyelids will cause creases in your eyeshadow. Fine lines in and around eyes are a dead giveaway of aging. Most people are looking directly at your eyes during conversations. But their minds are registering what they are seeing rather than hearing. Use primer on eyelids before makeup to conceal aging signs.

Groom the brows

Natural Eyebrows speak volumes. They let out secrets about your character – dominant, meek or obedient. A good set of groomed-up eyebrows can help you develop a poker face while making you look younger. Your beautician expert is the best person to advise you on what suits your face. Once eyebrows thin out and become gray, you’ll need to use an eyebrow pencil constantly.

Exfoliate and moisturize the lips

Real good listeners concentrate on your lips when you are speaking! While soft, youthful lips are a definite turn on, chapped lips can quickly turn a paramour into a damp squib! Moisturize your lips regularly right from a young age. Choose the best quality, expensive lipsticks. They will not harm lips like cheaper products do. Slightly parted naturally rosy lips, moisturized slightly with fruity and aromatic lip-gloss are killers!

Plump up those lips

Thin lips put out signals of strictness of character– sort of schoolmarm’s if you get what I mean. Not to mention people assuming you are being too much of a prude. Succulent plum lips, on the other hand, indicate a youthful, enterprising person attitude ready for adventure. Protect lips with foundation before applying lipstick. Never forget to line and fill lips with a lip liner. Define yourself clearly then gloss over a lip-plumping lipstick for a perfect, pouty and inviting mouth.

Work on tired eyes

Tired eyes give away your deepest secrets. They also years to your face. The only way to have glowing, healthy eyes is to get adequate sleep! Easily said than done – I know. Drink water to stay hydrated, splash water on your eyes at regular intervals and try out as many remedies as you can at bedtime! People recommend honey or eye drops, cucumber or raw potato slice to rejuvenate and reduce puffiness. A simple and easily done remedy throughout your lifetime is to put cool cotton pads dipped in milk just before dozing off at night.

Diminish dark circles

Dark circle under eyes spell gloom and doom. Imagine a bright light and then imagine a lamp with a very dull glow. Get it…! You can use remedies like quality under-eye creams or natural oils of sweet almonds to reduce pigmentation.

Put volume back in the hair

If you want to look youthful, nothing works better than a mane of chockfull hair. Age causes hair thinning which makes it imperative to style it into hairstyles that are more voluminous. Use rollers or a large round brush to boost hair volume. Leaving your hair open, dry and blowing in many directions could work.

Moisturize your hands and feet

Hands and feet matter. A lot! Especially when people want to get up close, touchy and feely. Many people neglect their hands and feet because they are working too much, don’t have time or money to spend on themselves. Hand and feet wrinkles affect your health. It is the nerves in your hands and feet that control all the organs and their functions in your body! Start moisturizing them today to recover from too much water and harmful detergents.

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