WiMax: The Best Way to Connect With Internet

When we speak about the wireless networks, many times you have heard that the term WiMax. WiMax – also named as Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access – is a solution for the Internet by means of microwave. It is tremendously convenient and radical in the wireless field that is accessible at any level to the Internet.

Therefore, it is a standard based technology that assists delivery of wireless broadband access as an alternative to DSL and Cable connections. In the coming future, the WiMax will take the place of WiFi.

WiMax Vs WiFi

Now, let’s take a look how WiMax is different from WiFi:

  • The working system of WiMax is very much different from that of a Wi-Fi.
  • WiMax is a new technique to deliver Internet facility without wires, DSL or cable, on the other side, WiFi is for local hotspots.
  • WiMax is much better from the view point of power consumption, coverage, bandwidth efficiency and coverage in comparison to Wi-Fi.
  • WiMax is for WAN and WiFi for a LAN, but WiMax is much faster and can get up to gigabit speeds.
  • Also, WiMax can be run on both on a licensed or unlicensed spectrum where WIFi is solely unlicensed on a fixed number of channels.

Scope of WiMax

The magnitude of WiMax and its bandwidth make it apt for wide potential uses.

  • It connects present WiFi hotspots with each other and to rest of the Internet.
  • It is a strong wireless option to cable broadband access.
  • It can provide great quality mobile communication service. WiMax wireless broadband and WiMax mobile benefits likely work inside a local circle. 

How Does WiMax Works?

The WiMax network makes use of a technique that is very much similar to that of the mobile phones. A client sends the data from a subscriber device to a base station that is mounted on a tall building or on a tower to broadcast the wireless signal in a channel, which is known as an uplink. The base station transmits to the same or other client in channel known as downlink. The WiMax service providers establish a network of towers that allow the access over several miles and the WiMax, a Connect Broadband Service will be accessible anywhere within the coverage area. Coverage for a specific geographical zone is allocated into sequences of overlapping areas, also known as cells. When the client travels from one cell to the other, the wireless connection gets transferred from one cell to the other.

The Advantages

The WiMax single station can provide and operate coverage for hundreds of clients at a time. Also, it manages the sending and receiving of data with a very high speed and with full of the network security.

  • High Speed

WiMax provides high speed of connectivity over a longer distance and makes it more demanding.

  • Multi-Functionality

This technology performs several tasks at one point of time, like providing telephone service, video streaming, high speed internet, transformation of data, voice application, etc.

  • Cheap Network

WiMax has become a recognized network these days as it offers low cost network substitute to internet services provided through modem or local area network.

  • Rich Features

This technology provides rich features that make it more useful. If offers fast connectivity, semantic connection to make your network more secure then it was earlier, separate data and voice channel for fun, liberty of movement, license spectrum, etc.

  • Reliable Infrastructure

The infrastructure of WiMax is very flexible and easy. Hence, it offers great consistency of network and accord to actual access to the end clients.


WiMax, a Connect Broadband Service offers fixed and fully mobile high speed broadband connectivity services accompanied with roaming feature. It offers exciting Internet browsing experience. It is a next generation wireless broadband as opposed to WiFi. It can be connected to Internet at a very high speed and provides a wider coverage in comparison to WiFi that is limited to HotSpots.

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