Roller Shades

Roller Shades Installed in One Day

My friend Clair recently moved into the corner house of my neighborhood. Her parents were moved to California for a year for a new business set up, while she couldn’t shift on a short notice because we had Exams coming up in a month. She was supposed to live alone with a nanny for a month till her mother came back after helping her dad settle down. This house my friend was living in was a small temporary arrangement so that she could give her exams and then move to California with her parents.

The first week passed out great. We would engage ourselves in group study and then watch a movie or find something entertaining for the night. We were loud but we didn’t care since we knew there was no adult supervision in that house except for the nanny who didn’t mind anything.

One night me and my two other friends decided to stay the night at Clair’s place since she was complaining about being bored. So we decided to stay. After we were done with our group study we sat down to watch a movie during which my friend teased us by saying she saw someone staring inside the window from the bushes. We knew she was joking but it rang up the element of skepticism in us all and we immediately turned out all the lights in the house because there were bare windows without curtains everywhere and the thought of a stranger observing us scared us all. After our friend told us she was only joking we relaxed but advised our friend to get roller sheets for the windows just as a precaution since she was living alone.

The first thing we did the next morning was search for services providing roller shades in McKinney TX. We found one service which had roller shades available in every shade so we visited the shop. They indeed had amazing designs and offered free installation so we bought those roller shades and they installed the shades we bought within short time. The company also had faux blinds available roller shades suited my friend’s house more.

The professionals who came to install the shutters advised on installing plantation shutters on the two big glass walls in the lounge. So we searched for plantation shutters in McKinney TX. We found quite a few options but we chose the ones who offered the shutters on the cheapest price because she was going to move out soon. The sales man gave us shutters which were detachable and portable in case you choose to move which was ideal for my friend. So we bought the shutters and the company we bought them from installed both the shutters for free. My friend felt safer with the covered windows and the house looked complete with them too.

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