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Why Autum is the Perfect Time to Repair Your Roof

When it comes to home improvements, particularly roofing related ones, the late summer and very early autumn are the best seasons to get that work done, hands down. But, it’s not just because there are more daylight hours and less chance of interruption – although they are two of the main reasons.

“Roof repair or improvements are something that many home-owners begin to think about as the wet weather rears its head in the autumn, but, the inclement weather doesn’t just limit how much work can be done, it affects the roofing materials that are used, too,” said Newington Green estate agent, M&M Property. “Planning ahead can make a real difference to the speed at which your roofing work is completed.”

Why Summer is Best for Roof Repairs

Let’s go through the key reasons you should try and think ahead when it comes to you roof.

  • Longer daylight hours – the summer has the most daylight, so whoever’s working on your roof can stay up there, safely, for longer.
  • Less chance of weather-related interruptions – the summer tends to be less rainy, most years anyway, so there’s a better chance of your repairs being finished on time and no further damage being caused due to heavy rain when your roof isn’t completely water-tight.
  • Materials perform better in warm weather – when it’s cold, wet or icy, the roof tiles and other materials used to repair, alter or improve your roof, can become brittle and more prone to breakages.
  • It’s safer – with more daylight and less chance of bad weather, your roofers will be and feel safer than they would in the wet or cold and slippery conditions.
  • Can be cheaper – the usually quicker completion times means the project should be shorter, therefore cheaper for you.
  • Autumn is busy – the Autumn is a peak time for roof repairs because only then do the majority of home-owner think about being water tight and weather proof for the cold winter months. Get ahead of the game and make checking your roof part of your spring clean/clear out/planning period to secure an all-round better summer slot for your roof repairs.
  • Some materials have restrictions – certain roofing materials can only be installed during good weather, so avoid any problems with timing and your preferred roofing materials and book in a summer build.

“When you think about it properly, it’s obvious that the summer would be best time of year to have roof repairs conducted,” said Belgravia estate agent, Best Gapp. “However, with so much going on in the modern-day busy world, it’s also easy to see how it can slip people’s mind until the wet autumn weather reminds you of your roofing problems.”

Prevention is the Best Cure

The spring and summer months are also a good time to shore up your roof and ensure it won’t be damaged by any worse than usual autumn or winter weather. This is particularly true if you’ve just been through a tough winter, weather-wise.

Your roof might be in good order, but heavy winds and multiple storms will always wear on your roof. Take the time to inspect everything carefully and instruct a roofer to make any minor repairs that are required and also improve any areas or fixtures that look worn and in need of replacement.

“The old adage that prevention is better than cure is as true for your roof as anything else,” said LDG. “If you’re worried after a particularly harsh winter, call in some experts you trust and ask them to ensure everything’s as it should be.”

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