9 High-Tech Home Improvements

9 High-Tech Improvements for Your Home

Today’s renovation projects don’t stop at upgrading the obvious. It’s not enough that you got new floors, windows, joineries, and furniture pieces. Some people add high-tech home improvements too. They automate some of the appliances they have at home and connect it to their mobile device to make life convenient. This so-called ‘internet of things‘ changes the way we live!

From automated devices to clever appliances, these technological advances revolutionize our homes and our lives. These are investments which practically pay for themselves in just a few years. Most of them are best installed on new home builds. But, you can have them whether you’re renovating or remodeling your space. 

Here are some examples:

1. A thermostat adjustable from your phone

Some of the newest thermostat models adjust your indoor heating and cooling based on the weather. These smart thermostats can help cut your electricity bills. Consider the models which are compatible with your mobile device and the other smart home devices that you own.

It’s better if your smart thermostat can control the light bulbs too. You can have the open or dim at the tip of your fingers.

2. A smart lock

Unlike a regular lock, a smart lock provides stronger security. It’s better to prevent intrusions and theft than weep after it happened.

Connect the smart lock to your smart home. This way, the indoor lights the thermostat will turn on once you enter the house. Make sure that it’s compatible with your mobile device too. That way, you will know if someone tried to break into your house while you’re away.

9 High-Tech Home Improvements

3.  Remotely controlled CCTV Cameras

When a smart lock isn’t enough, consider installing security cameras in strategic areas outside and inside of your property. Apart from preventing burglaries, these cameras ensure your family’s safety. You can keep an eye on them with remotely controlled CCTV systems. Some models allow you to talk through certain types of cameras. You can manage it conveniently through your mobile device.

4. Automist Systems

A smoke alarm will only warn you if your house is on fire. An Automist system will put the blaze out. Unlike traditional water sprinklers, this system emits fine mists that deprive the fire with Oxygen. It’s also easier to install and sprinkles water more efficiently.

You can fit its discreet nozzles under the sink, on the wall, or up the ceiling. It’s usually installed in the kitchen. Don’t worry, Automist systems meet most of the world’s fire regulations.

9 High-Tech Home Improvements

5. Boiling water taps

It looks like a regular kitchen tap but this innovation gives you boiling water. The tap fits beside regular hot and cold taps, supplying instant boiling water from an insulated tank under the sink, which is heated electrically. You can blanch vegetables, cook pasta, sterilize stuff, make coffee or tea faster than ever before! Don’t worry, most suppliers educate homeowners regarding a safety mechanism to prevent children, and adults, from burning themselves.

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9 High-Tech Home Improvements

6. Wireless and all-around sound systems

With this internet-powered innovation, you can listen to music in every room of the house. You put wireless speakers in every room, link it up to your online music streaming account, and control the party from your phone, tablet, or desktop.

7. Built-in Vacuum

A central vacuum system is a convenient innovation for homeowners who have a few time for household chores. It also keeps your in-law suite clean when uninhabited for a few months. Here, you have a central vacuum cleaner fitted in the garage or under the stairs. Next, you build low vacuum points around the house, particularly in your baseboards, cabinet corners, and room corners. Connect these inlets to the central unit using a lightweight hose that runs behind the walls or under the floor. When turned on, the vacuum will sip all the dirt and dust away. You will never have to lug a vacuum from room to room or get tangled up in cords anymore.

8. Faux grass

The new models of fake grass look more natural and feel softer too. It’s low maintenance — you don’t need to sow, mow, and water it to keep it green.

9 High-Tech Home Improvements

9. Solar Roof

Investing in energy-efficient features like solar panels or solar roof tiles add value to your home. If you’re setting up your in-law suite for rental, this technology will attract lots of renters.

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9 High-Tech Home Improvements

It’s not a bad idea to have one or two of these technological advances in your home.  If you spent a pretty penny on your home remodeling project, you can recoup some of the cost of high-tech home improvements. Think about it before you finalize your building or renovation plan. Go with the one that will deliver immediate results and the one that will make your life in the future more convenient. More importantly, invest in the one that has a reasonable price tag and a long-term value.

What do you think about these high-tech home improvements? Do you think they’re good investments or would you prefer a simpler home?

Charlene Gonzales is a design writer in Superdraft. They are the largest team of architects in Australia and New Zealand, who offer end-to-end and complete design services. She believes that all design professionals are problem solvers and they have a responsibility to tailor design solutions for their clients.

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