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5 Tips for Setting Up Your Linen Closet

As we all love to have linen closet in our house so that we could place our linen in organized and arranged form. Actually, it is very important that you will keep each and everything including extra sheets, pillows, duvet, quilts etc in arranged form so that whenever you will need to have anything it will found easily. Actually, there are lots of tips and tricks that you can apply to keep your linen closet properly organized. Here in this article we are discussing about few tips that you can apply for keeping your linen closet properly arranged.

1. Prefer to Donate Old or Unused Linen:

First thing that you should prefer to do while organizing your linen closet is to take out things that are not in use or take out linen that are extra. It will be good idea to donate these items to the people who actually need these items. It will help you to make a space for the latest linen collection that you have recently bought and also are in current trends.

2. Prefer to Use Bins to Store Linen Items:

For organizing things properly in a linen closet, it is very important to use bedding bins, you can simply assign the labeled basket to each and every room of the house for bedding sheets. After doing this you will never have to dig through piles of mismatched valance sheets again and again. These types of bins are easily available in the market at a very affordable rate.

3. Prefer to Store Comforters During Off Season:

Next you should prefer to make extra space in your linen closet for the comforters and blankets that are not for the current season. Actually, whenever the season changes it is very important that you store the quilts and comforters in your linen closet safely so that it could remain clean and could be used in next season.

4. Prefer to Organize Linen Wardrobe Sections:

Organize storage section by dividing your storage spaces.  Arrange the items in your linen closet and on your shelves by grouping king size flat sheets into tidy neat piles. Doing this will make it look less cluttered and it will also be a well-organized use of the space.

  • Add closet space like woven baskets, plastic bins for items like sheets, towel sale and extra pillow cases or items which are out of season.
  • Put hooks on the wall to hang towels and bathrobe so they are not lying on the floor.

5. Cover the Shelves of Closet with Plastic Sheets: 

Next thing that you should prefer to keep in mind is that you have to line up the shelves of your linen closet so that you could protect your linen from color fading and damaging. Sometimes when linen remain in the closet or o the wooden shelves then it results in fading the color of clothes. So that’s why you should prefer to cover up the shelves first with any type of plastic or paper covering after that place things on it.

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