5 Ideas for Hanging Towels in Your Bathroom

Most people really don’t know about this, but they can also decorate their washroom by using towels. All you have to do is to place them in the most appropriate way that will enhance the overall look of your washroom. For this you can simply install different shelves or make hanging places where you will keep all the towels.  Other than that, make sure that you have placed all the essentials at its proper place by decluttering the counter. Everything in your washroom must be properly arranged and organized to give the best possible impression. Here in this article we are discussing about ideas that you can apply for hanging the towels in your washroom:

1. Prefer to Use the Doors of Vanity for Towel Display:

The first thing that you can do is to use your doors for displaying your towels in a very attractive way within your bathroom. Behind the door within the cabinet towel rack will look just amazing and help you to keep everything well organized. Especially if you have a small bathroom. Other than that if there is enough space on the outer side of your vanity door. Then you can also use it as it will look just amazing. But make sure that you keep everything well organized.

2. Install the Open Shelves Instead of Cabinets:

The next thing that you can do for renovating your old washroom is to install open shelves instead of installing cabinets. As there you can easily place cheap towels UK in a stylish way that will make your washroom look prettier and more attractive. Other than that, you can also place the decorations, scents, candles and plants on these open shelves that will help you to give your washroom a fresh look.

3. Install Double Shower Curtain Rod for Towel Display:

Another option that you have for hanging the towels in your washroom to make it look pretty is to install a separate hanging space along with your shower curtain. Actually, this a place that people ignore to use properly while decorating their washroom. So simply opt for having a double rod and install towels on one side and shower on the other side. This trick is very helpful in keeping everything well organized especially in small washroom.

4. Prefer to Install Under Sink Shelves for Towel Display:

The next thing that you might consider while decorating your washroom is to install under the sink shelves. And you can simply use these shelves for storing towels and keeping them in well-organized form. Actually, this might be another option that you can opt for making your washroom look more appealing. This will help you to utilize the other spaces for placing other types of washing and cosmetic accessories in a well-organized form.

5. Prefer to Use Other Storage Options in Washroom:

The next thing that you should consider while decorating your bathroom is storage options. For this you can choose the size and the shape of the drawer as per your storage requirements, they look cool and help preventing any king of mess which looks awkward.

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