Top Motivational Tips from an Olympic Athlete to Get Yourself to the Gym

Motivate yourself to stick to your gym routine with these tips. Finding the time to exercise when you are working all hours can be challenging at first. It gets easier with time and developing a habit.

Set goals

Goals are something that makes us feel better for the future. You have a specific target to move towards and achieve. Goals need not be ambitious but working within a set timeframe should motivate you. You can choose any activity or join the gym for fitness. So get enrolled in a gym today!

Schedule your exercise time and stick to it

Realize goals through proper planning. Once you know what you need to do, it becomes easier to do it consistently. You can choose 3 days to visit gym around other social activities. Stick to your commitment. Organize secondary social activities on days you are not going to the gym so you don’t miss it.

Reward yourself

A reward acts like a goal in itself. It is ever changing, simple and fits in with what you are doing daily. For example, think of coffee and breakfast before work as a treat. That will make you get out of bed and into the shower. Once your eyes are open, you can hit the gym or work out right then and there. Anything can be a reward, eats, and a glass of wine, chocolate, a song or a movie.

Listen to your body

Tune in to what your body is telling you. That way you don’t have to take medical action when it starts screaming. Pushing yourself is good but no sense going to the gym if you really need rest and sleep. Just don’t make it an excuse! Health is wealth, literally.

Don’t let the gym show-offs intimidate you

Going regularly to the gym without stopping is not everyone’s achievement. Most people give up due to one reason or other. Personal trainers at gyms or sports clubs can make you look forward to something every day. It may even help get through the whole day’s activities.

Invest in your fitness

If you are cooped up at home or must switch on TV, try exercising in your living room. Choose to invest in a gym membership over becoming an evening couch potato. A steam and Jacuzzi after a good workout is worth looking forward to if you must pamper yourself. Try YouTube HIIT sessions or get out for walking or running the neighborhood.

Eat well

Don’t become obsessive just choose good food. You need not worry about it being clean and lean. Some fuel to exercise is a must. A bag of nuts or a banana with peanut butter may do it. Fran says her Common Ground is all about interesting, tasty food instead of just a bowl of chicken and broccoli.

Mix it up

When you find something dull, a temporary change can put you back on track. Fitness exercise should not cause lethargy but generate enthusiasm and exhilaration. Try out change such as run, swim, lift weights, do yoga, spin classes, Metafit etc. or sports.

Remember, fitness is not how much you can endure. Fitness is how fast you recover.

Make your workout a social occasion

Going to gym or sports club is a good way of meeting old and new acquaintances. It is great for socializing. You don’t have to go it alone always. Having a chat or a smoothie with few people help you relax and feel comfortable. Nothing better than having a gym buddy. You’ll be surprised you miss your buddy on those occasional lone days!

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