Side Effects and Risks of HGH

Most people have a rather simple understanding of human growth hormone. They understand that is important for growth and development without understanding the more complex effects of HGH, especially with regard to health and wellness maintenance during adulthood. There’s a sense that growth hormone is capable of some really marvelous things because people are aware that has been used by athletes and other professionals in the past.

But we’ll dig in to more depth regarding the widespread effects of human growth hormone as well as the risks associated with human growth hormone therapy and abuse. So let’s dive in;

Potential Side Effects of HGH Therapy:

Realistically, no drug comes without at least a minor risk of side effects. Using bio identical HGH like lilly humatrope 72 iu does come with some risks that you should be aware of. The following are minor side effects that you may experience.;

Numbness or Tingling: Sometimes injections can cause slight numbness or tingling of the skin specifically around at the injection site.  Injections can also cause soreness and irritation around where injections are administered. Rotating injection site frequently reduces this risk.

The following are symptoms that you may experience as a result of therapeutic HGH therapy. Consult your doctor if you experience the following;

  • Swelling and water retention
  • Digestive distress and increased cholesterol

Talk to your doctor about any medications that you may be taking whether prescription or over the counter. HGH therapy may interact with certain medications.

HGH Abuse Side Effects

Many side effects are generally the result of HGH abuse. Never use recombinant human growth hormone therapy without a valid reason or without the expressed consent of a hormone doctor or other qualified medical physician. If you abuse growth hormone, there’s a real chance you may experience the following issues.

Acromegaly:  it’s the abnormal growth of cartilage and bone especially those of the face, jaw, hands and feet. Course can cause by enhance division rate of skin cells.

Carpal tunnel syndrome: Joint growth, deepening of the voice that due to larynx growth.

Cancer Risk with HGH Therapy

Human growth hormone should not be used by patients suffering from cancer because injections work by facilitating cellular division. This may impact the rate at which a certain cancers develop. This is why thorough screening is necessary before growth hormone therapy begins and why annual or semiannual checkups are a necessary requirement while taking HGH shots.

Why is HGH Linked to Colon Cancer?

Scientists have confirmed that the HGH is most likely to raise the blood levels of an insulin just like type I growth factor called IGF-I. Most of us don’t know but in animal, these are the higher levels of IGF-I and are linked to cancer. Did you know the colon cancer cells happen to grow much faster when exposed to IGF-I. As mentioned above, Acromegaly is a disease that occurs in these cases. It’s where a person has high level of IGF-1 in his/her blood and they’re at risk of colon cancer.

Moreover, these hormone levels usually decline with age may be an appropriate balance. Be mindful that one might be subjecting him/herself to risks while keeping these levels high.

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