Oral Hygiene tips for Healthy White Teeth

It is often said that Healthy Teeth lead to Healthy Life. But how often do we take it seriously?

If you are given an option of getting complete body check-up or a complete oral health check what would you prefer? Or rather if you have both the options handy which one will you go ahead with first?

The answer is quite clear. Many a time it also happens that we simply ignore our Oral Health. We don’t consider visiting a dentist until and unless we are in unbearable pain. But why do you think you are suffering from this unbearable pain? Ignorance. This is simply what you did.

Because you chose to ignore your oral health you are now in pain. Had you always been pro-active when it came to your oral health this would have not happened?

Do you know that your Oral Health is a gateway to your overall health? By examining your teeth a dentist can well explain as to what is going inside your body. Your mouth gives tell-tale signs of what’s happening inside. Yet you chose to ignore it.

To vouch for this you might say that I do brush twice a day and that is all required for healthy teeth. The answer to that is both a yes and a no.

Yes, it is important to brush twice a day but mere brushing without following other healthy tips are of no use. There are certainly other things you should adopt to get a healthy smile.

Adopt a white-teeth diet:

By white-teeth diet, we mean avoiding beverages which can stain your teeth such as black tea, coffee, cola or wine. We are not saying to avoid all this but to limit it. The simple logic behind it is what’s dark from the outside will probably make your teeth dark. If possible use a straw to consume these beverages as they will lessen the effect of these beverages on your teeth.

Brushing Habits:

Brushing vigorously will do more harm than good even if you are brushing twice a day. This is because you will then put pressure on the enamel which will be harmful. Also, please change your brush after every 3 months or as soon as your bristles wear off whichever is earlier. Brushing with worn off bristles will be of no benefit. Do adopt a proper technique of brushing. If required visit your dentist to learn how to brush or to check whether you brush properly or not.

Keep your tongue clean:

While brushing we tend to clean our teeth but what our oral health does not only comprise of teeth but also tongue and palate. Keep your tongue clean and while brushing either use the back of the brush to clean it or the front surface with the bristles. If you come across any white patches on your tongue then rush to your nearby dental clinic and get that checked immediately.

Eat Healthily:

Maintaining a well-balanced diet is a must for your teeth. Make sure you eat healthily. Apples are considered as a natural toothbrush, therefore, consume apples with your meal to have healthy teeth. apart from apples diet rich in minerals and fiber is also good for your teeth.

Keep your mouth afresh:

To know if your breath smells good, lick your wrist and let it dry. If it smells, then that’s your breath. Always keep your mouth afresh and for that, you can use mouthwash to feel refreshed. But make sure that you use alcohol-free mouthwash as mouthwash rich with alcohol dry your mouth making them susceptible to the bacteria.

Floss like a boss:

Along with brushing and using a mouthwash make sure that you floss as well. Sometimes the food you eat gets stuck between your teeth which is hard to get off while brushing. These food particles if stayed for long can be a major reason for a cavity. Flossing your teeth helps you to get rid off the food stuck between.

Go for regular dental visits:

Along with all the things mentioned above make sure that you visit a dentist every 6 months. Regular dental visit ensures that your dental health is prevented, and you do not suffer from any issue. This also helps in understanding that your oral health better so that you can function well.

Make sure that you follow these simple steps to keep your oral health up to the mark. Make a promise to take a step towards the betterment of your Oral Health. And further, if you are looking for making your teeth whiter then search for teeth whitening cost and choose what’s best for you.

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