how to get rid of termites

How to get rid of Termites effectively

Termites are pests that feed on cellulose. It is believed that if your home has termites, you have to find the solution to this problem. That means you must do everything as possible to get rid of them but killing termites is not easy. In fact, many people called a specialist to help them deal with this problem; however, you can completely do it at home by yourself. There are several effective ways that you should know about how to get rid of Termites. Let’s see 7 ways following:

Insecticides and Foams

Both of them are the best choices for people who are looking for how to remove Termites. They are also common ways to remove termites, so you just need to leave your home for a quite long time. The insecticides have types of gasses and liquids form. The foam can make the poison into the cracks of the wood. They all have positive effects on killing and taking care of Termite issues.

Use bait

Using bait stations is considered as an excellent choice for getting rid of Termites. You may coat the wood with the bait which contains boric acid. You need to use mask and gloves when using this acid because it can be toxic if inhaled. You also need to keep your children away from this substance.


While you try many ways to get rid of Termites, why don’t you try more simple way? For example, sunlight, that’s because all of Termites seem to enjoy darkness. When they exposed with sunlight or heat , they can be sweeped off. If your wood  furnitures are infested, you just need to bring them out in the sunlight and let them sit  for 2 to 3 days. It is the most effective way that is not expensive as well as not toxic.

Orange oil

Orange oil is the extract from orange peel. When you use this oil, you should be careful with it, not to expose it with your skin because it is dangerous. Orange oil is used to treat many insects due to destroying their cell. You need to drill a small hole in the infested wood and pour the oil into it. After 1 or 2 weeks, you can get the best result.

Bug bombs

Bug bombs are are not difficult to find in any stores. When sprayed, bug bomb falls on the ground and some corners. Termites will touch with toxic substance and they die. Remember that you need to wear mask before using it.

Hot and cold temperature

People have many ways to get rid of Termites but hot and cold temperature is also an effective way. Termites can not to be alive in -20 degrees or more, about 120 degrees for a quite short time of thirty-five minutes, they will die. To achieve colder temperatures, people usually use the liquid of nitrogen that can easily kill any Termites. Achieving hot temperatures is not simple. You should make the temperature high for a long time to get rid of Termites by the heat of the sun in hot days or you could burn away Termites by fire, but you must to keep safe.

Use  Nematodes

Another popular solution as well as the last way that I want to show you is to use Nematodes. Nematodes are tiny species like termites. They help to reduce termite populations and help you to keep termites from destroying to your home.

Termites are harmful with your home, so you need to ensure that you use this guide correctly to deal with this problem .It is not expensive for you to do at home. Here are some ways that show you how to get rid of Termites, hope you will save your house and use these methods effectively.

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