6 mistakes you need to avoid when attempting to get summer glow

The summer season is going and the perfect time to enjoy the sun bath and went to a beach with your family or friends. But this season requires a lot of care as well.

You often heard about UV rays of the sun are harmful to the personal health and it was the reality of life that they will harm your skin and darken your skin from affected areas. It will also affect you known as sunburn and different areas of the body are affected with this!

But you don’t need to worry as it will handle with the usage skin tan that will protect your body from UV rays of the sun but you require simple tips to apply tan to your body and need these tips for having extra protection to your body. Read More

  1. Staining your eyebrows:

You should need to apply skin protection to every visible area of the body as it will protect your body from getting dark and you should also need to apply this to eyebrows to prevent them getting dark or discoursing in sun.

  1. Over applying:

You should need to apply the skin protection products after every two hours when you are in the sun as the effect of this is lessened with the passage of time and your body requires scrub that will remain 24 hours on your body to protect your body in summer.

  1. Staining your nails:

You can protect your nails with the usage of nail polish, select the perfect nail color that will work as a hurdle to getting your nails dark in the summer.

  1. Dark circles around the eyes:

Your face shows your personality and beauty and if you have panda eyes then no body looks at you again – the simple hack is to apply the petroleum jelly to your face that will stop the tan from further darkening the other areas.

  1. Not using a tanning mitt:

You should always require using a good quality tanning mitt for your body as if you are using fake one then it will neither protect your body. See More

  1. Exfoliate:

You should be careful when you are showering for the first time after applying the tan and use the shower gel but remember that you never need to exfoliate your skin. You should need to select the tan that suits your personality and natural color.

If you are going too dark with the tan then it will never meet with the perfect look and make sure to select the perfect items for your body.

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