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5 Must-Watch Korean Dramas That Will Inspire You More to Understand and Love FITNESS and LIFE

Getting physically fit–a great looking body with an awesome shape and all that goes with it–is one of many people’s dream and of many people’s frustrations too. You might be someone who’s loyal to your regular body workout that’s why you have a body that all your buddies are trying to achieve — OR — You might be one of those buddies who’ve been trying for years to achieve that fit body but still fail over and over again.

Whoever of the two you are, this list is for you. This is not a list directly teaching you how to be fit. Instead, it aims to show give you a glimpse of what fitness is and how it is achieved in many industries in life. It aims to boost your passion for fitness and will motivate you to give more importance to it as early as you still can if you still haven’t. This list will do that by presenting 5 must-watch Korean dramas that will inspire you [even more] to love fitness and life.

Disclaimer: No spoilers!


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Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is a romantic comedy combined with action, fantasy and thrill. It is about Bong Soon (Park Bo Young), a woman born with superhuman strength who meets a CEO, Min Hyuk (Park Hyung Sik), of a gaming company who later on, because of accidentally witnessing her unusual ability, hires her as his bodyguard.

SWDBS isn’t really entirely about fitness, but more on helping those who are weak and oppressed. But because Bong Soon’s “power” was just passed from her mother, she doesn’t know yet how to control it. That’s when Min Hyuk trains her to be physically fit and ready to face bad guys. Part of her physical training included jumping rope and punching/boxing. They train inside Min Hyuk’s personal gym at home.

Here, you can see that it is important to prepare and to train physically to be ready to face physically demanding situations. Along with that, discipline and control of your physical capabilities are highly valuable. The story is also about using one’s own strength and capabilities to genuinely lend a helping hand to others, despite how “little” people see you are.


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Fight for My Way is an action-packed romantic comedy series that follows an impressive, realistic story. The two main leads, Dong Man (Park Seo Joon) and Ae-ra (Kim Ji Won) are best friends, and they both have different dreams they want to pursue.

Dong Man is a well-known martial arts athlete turned MMA fighter. He gives you just the necessary drive to rise up and jog early in the morning. He gets into a lot of physical training to prepare for his fights.

His personal story is also for aspiring athletes, current athletes and those who were once keeping their athletic career to continue to pursue for what you love even if a lot of past experiences brought you down. It’s also discovering about what else you can do. It’s a great story of both fitness and passion for your sport and your dream.


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Seen as a major hit in South Korea, Descendants of the Sun got it all for you — professionalism, love, decision-making, reaching dreams, playing between life and death, critical moments in life and giving us a sneak peek of the life of people whose job is to save lives and to protect the country.

Kang Mo Yeon (Song Hye Kyo) and Yoo Si-jin (Song Joong Ki) are professionals in their own fields, fulfilling their responsibilities. Yoo Si-jin is a soldier (the Captain and team leader), and in the drama, it’s shown how soldiers exercise and train themselves to be fit and ready to battle. Their bodies are really firm. They have discipline that when it’s time to workout, even very early in the morning, then it’s time to workout.

You will really understand what fitness looks like (literally) and how important fitness is for soldiers to function and to accomplish their duty — not always about guns and bullets, but also being ready as a person, mentally, emotionally and physically.


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The main setting of the story is a sports university which might make you interested to embark on an athletic career in the future. Kim Bok-joo (Lee Sung Kyung) is a kind-hearted, outgoing, very gifted weightlifter. Jung Joon-hyung (Nam Joo-hyuk) is a talented swimmer with a jolly personality. Song Shi-ho (Kyung Soo-jin) is a famous gymnast. All the other supporting characters are also sports-inclined.

In this drama, you will encounter a lot of sports and will see how they’re actually happening. Your eyes will be opened as to how athletes are actually putting a lot of dedication, passion, efforts, sweat and heart in their sport. You will understand how discipline is very important if you want to achieve fitness and to stay healthy.

It’ll actually make you want to start working out! You will get a hint of how it feels like to be an athlete. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo presents the life of those college student athletes who aren’t there only to get fit and famous in their sport but to fight for their dreams.   


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Oh My Venus is a romantic comedy drama introducing Kim Young-ho (So Ji-sub) and Kang Joo-eun (Shin Min-a). Young-ho is a personal trainer of Hollywood stars in America. He highly values a healthy lifestyle. Joo-eun was a famous good-looking lady in her teenage years. She gained a lot of weight, completely opposite to what she looked like before.

If you’re looking for something that will really inspire you to take the first step on to the road to fitness, Oh My Venus is the perfect one for you. It’s not number one on this list without a reason.

You’ll truly see how discipline in all aspects is required for you to achieve your fitness goals. It shows that the road isn’t easy, it’s definitely tiring (literally), but it’s worth the sweat! They do actual workouts inside Young-ho’s own gym, complete with gym equipment. Joo-eun is also helped by Young-ho’s bros, Ji-woong (Henry Lau) and Joon-sung (Sung Hoon), a professional MMA fighter trained by John Kim, in order to reach her fitness goals.

This drama will truly show you how living a healthy lifestyle and putting the bad habits away are both elements of living a happy and fulfilling life.


There you have it — 5 K-dramas you must watch if you need some inspiration to get fit! Also remember that they teach a lot of life lessons that’ll make you wiser and more motivated. They might be about fitness tip and/or they might include fitness routines in their episodes, but always keep in mind that these dramas are “inspirations”. Start getting the fitness you need and want to achieve by starting to get up on your feet!


Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for Fitbiz, an Australian business nationally regarded as the benchmark in the Fitness industry, offering premium quality fitness equipment collection at affordable prices. She writes pieces focusing on the importance of being fit and healthy overall and the self discipline that must go with them. She also does research on various gym and exercise equipment to give more information about how they work. | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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