Some Hacks for Storing Your Coffee Beans Longer

Coffee is generally seen as a shelf-stable product that stays stable to some extent as long as it is protected from the factors that can have an adverse impact on its chemical and physical properties thereby causing the degradation in quality. It is not immune to microbial and enzymatic processes that are stimulated in the presence of oxygen and moisture, causing the spoilage of coffee beans. It contains constituents such as alkaloids, hydrocarbons, lipids and carbohydrates; lipids being present in significant proportion. Though the presence of lipids is very minimal in coffee beans yet it is enough to cause lipid oxidation which turns them rancid affecting the flavor and aroma of coffee.

While packaging coffee beans, it is much possible that oxygen present in the environment can penetrate through packaging and spoil the contents over a period of time. Hence, it becomes very important to use oxygen absorbers to ensure proper storage of the coffee beans and enhanced shelf life. Other methods that are widely used for food packaging are Vacuum Sealing and Nitrogen Flushing. Both these processes are not found suitable as far as the packaging of coffee beans is concerned.

In case of Vacuum Sealing, the manufacturer has to wait for at least 24 to 48 hrs. before starting with the vacuum sealing process as roasted coffee beans releases CO2 for many days in a row and most of the amount gets released within 24 to 48 hrs. But it is clearly not a very good method for preserving freshness. Another reason is, Vacuum Sealing puts enough pressure on the contents of the packet which may further lead to the crushing of the coffee beans making them undesirable products in the market.

Nitrogen Flushing as the packaging method allows the removal of oxygen as Nitrogen is flushed inside the packets. Since Nitrogen is heavier; it effectively removes oxygen out of the packets. But, this method is incomplete without adding a one-way valve which keeps removing CO2 from being released from roasted coffee. In absence of valve, coffee packets would turn into balloons putting these packets into the risk of exploding the coffee beans all over the place.

Packing the coffee beans with “Oxysorb”, a food range oxygen absorber is the best method when it comes to hassle-free preservation of coffee beans for long durations. Oxygen absorber effectively absorbs oxygen that somehow manages to penetrate during packaging which leads to spoilage of flavor and aroma of coffee beans. The benefits of using oxygen absorbers in coffee packaging are manifold, such as… it ensures longer shelf life by preventing the growth of microorganisms. It is more effective than any other method at maintaining the freshness of coffee by preserving the aroma and flavor.

Sorbead India markets ‘Oxysorb’, US FDA Certified oxygen absorbers. One doesn’t need to add any preservatives or consider any other method of packaging when oxygen absorbers are used in packaging. ‘Oxysorb’ oxygen absorbers for coffee beans provide 360o protection against the presence of oxygen inside coffee bean packets.

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