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Mumbai, the capital Indian state of Maharashtra is famous for its street food. From Vada Pav to Bhelpuri, it offers a wide range of food to satisfy your hunger for food. Ghatkopar Khau Galli, a place nearby Mumbai is one of the most famous and crowded places to fall in love with the ultimate recipes. The ever best restaurants in ghatkopar khau gali that you must try are as follows.

  • Sai Swad Dosa

It is a place known for the best dosa in the city. They have the caliber to make 10 dosa at a time. They offer 45 varieties of Dosas to activate your taste buds. The Manchurian Pasta Dosa (Rs. 150), Paneer Chilly Dosa (Rs. 150) and Jini Dosa (Rs. 130) are a must try recipe at this stall.

  • The Momo Factory

At The Momo Factory, you have options to try five different variants of momos. Whether steam momos or deep fry momos, you will really love the taste. It would be not wrong to say that you will lose in the scrumptious taste. So, never miss any chance to go to this place if it is in the way of your office or home.  One must try the cheese veg and paneer anchari momos which cost Rs. 60 for a platter.

  • Mukesh Ram Jivan Rawat American Fast Food

It is the branch of WTC (World Trade Centre) pasta corner called Manoj Pasta. This tiny stall offers food like Boiled Corn, Maggi, and Pasta. The must-try item includes Pasta in Pink Sauce at Rs. 150 (Macaroni) and Penne at Rs. 250.

In addition to the above, there are also lots of best restaurants in Pune which has an extensive menu with a large variety of food.

  • Bademiya The Kabab Restaurant

It is a large, landmark kebab and curry restaurant originating from a humble street stall. There are no words to explain the authenticity of this place.

The ambiance looks historical and has its own charm. Food is pretty basic but your taste buds will thank you for sure. It is not required to explain more because it’s a very big franchise.

  • Jimmy Boy

Jimmy Boy is a cozy venue serving Persian staple dishes with a glass counter displaying traditional Parsi sweets. It is the perfect place to hang out with your friends and family members.  Mostly known for the non-vegetarian food, it also serves its customer with the wide range of vegetarian food. It’s an absolute delight to gorge on the Parsi food and washing it all down with raspberry soda. Seriously it will provide you amazing dining experience with full of Old-Bombay nostalgia.

  • Shree Thaker Bhojanalay

It is basically a long-running, laid-back thali restaurant offering a selection of traditional Indian fare. This place serves the authentic Gujrathi Thai other than the usual chain of outlets which somewhat feel overrated. It certainly had a lot of Heritage and name. There are a lot of seasonal delicacies to enhance your thali experience.  The atmosphere and decor is as excellent.

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