Life had so much to offer everyone, with different ages we start a new chapter and close the earlier one but before leaving the current Chapter we always take a look at the pages and remember or think about what happened in the chapter. Just like that Life’s chapter are important and what is more important than them is remembering or thinking about the phase which is passed it about to pass. The people who gave up their wants and needs just fulfil your, their children’s, dream or need or want.

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Here we have some ideas to make your parents feel happy and not sad, cherish their long career journey and be ready and filled with joy to start a new chapter in their lives.


Celebrate and call out a gathering of all the people your parent (s) love and the ones who were a part of their journey. Let Mr. Or Mrs.  Newly retired address the audience and share their experiences and cherish then with the people they love and matter. There would so many lessons to learn and tales to tell with feelings attached to all.


Almost everyone has a career steps like changing companies, going to different places for work or even expanding the business you have into a giant one. So what we are trying to say is take your parents on their career trip, from the very first place they started and places where history was made. Give them this nostalgic trip and see how happy and emotional a person becomes.


You must have given gifts all around the year to someone special, friends and your family but slowly and gradually we often stop giving gift to the people who matter the most, our parents. On their retirement day gift them something really special reminding them that you’re there whenever they need you and they have taken a good care of you and it is your time to take care of them in whatever way possible. find best gifts, cake and flower from cake delivery in Mumbai and get delivered it on your doorstep. Same-day or midnight deliveries all are available.


Everyone has a bucket they might not even know it and it is the same with your parents who spent everything on you, your need, wants and greed MD hardly thought about themselves. They sacrificed so many things just for you and no when they are at a stage where they got almost nothing to do give a gift of completing their bucket list, take them or send them to the places they just dreamt of or wanted to go but couldn’t . It may not even be traveling it may be a small thing like spending time with you, so make time and hour or two from your busy schedule cm make your parents happy.


Organise your parents life it maybe a start to. Re chapter but also this is the to when they are prone to diseases and may other complications.

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