Top 3 Tips For Choosing Car Loans With The Best Interest Rates

If your financial target is to waste as little of hard-earned money in paying out interest money, you need to be careful about only 3 tips. Buy auto loan separately. Know credit history beforehand. Shop for a total loan amount. Let’s explore this these three a little to see why they can be all so fired up important.

First of all, don’t make a mistake of driving home a vehicle without ironing out all details. You must think about down payment, auto loan term, interest rates and monthly car payments. Actually, these are only a few of the salient requirements for driving a new car. Hunting for a great auto deal should not be limited to negotiating a sticker price. It’s ironical when people do not realize they will lose a lot of money through their interest rate payments.  Car dealerships arrange auto finance but also markup lenders’ offers that make their customers pay hundreds of thousands of dollars extra over the entire term of an auto loan.

You can see why a satisfactory price and affordable monthly car payment should not be your only concern. Low monthly car payments usually indicate bad deals. In order to get best possible interest rates do this:

Buy the loan separately

Give car-financing preference over car purchasing. Apply and initiate an application to approval process with banks, credit unions, online financial institutions, and insurance company. Don’t start negotiating prices at any car dealerships. You could try to avoid pre-approved car loans or guaranteed auto loans online as these will carry higher interest rates. Banks and credit unions usually offer competitive rates that can better other offers by 1-1.5 %.

Even banks and credit unions have initiated a simplified online application to an approval process. Customers can arrange auto finance with comfort, advice and ample time to come to a decision. Alternatively, as quick as a couple of days at most.

Know your credit history

Being aware of credit history and credit scores is a must. Don’t pass up your annual chance to get free reports from all the big three credit reporting agencies- Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion – in the United States. When you need accurate credit score figures, pay a little and know your score. Letting others check on credit scores will hurt and damage. Being aware of credit history help avoid errors and misinformed or neglected lender reporting.

Concentrate on shopping for total loan amount

Focusing on total loan amount will give you an idea of how much you end up spending on your new car. Consider monthly car payment figure only as something to fit into your monthly financial budgets. Large monthly car payments compared to car price usually indicate lower rates, insurance, fees etc. your auto loan term is shorter giving you a vehicle that has still some considerable value left in it apart from the use of course. Lower APR or the Annual Percentage Rate save the most on the total cost of the car you have just bought. Auto loan term affects both rates as well as total cost of car financing.


If you think of these three, you can dodge conditional car financing. Conditions and contingencies are tweaked down the line to drive up car dealerships profits leaving you no options. Don’t drive home that car you have been eyeing without setting out everything on negotiating table.

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