Silk Sarees that Brings out the Elegance & Beauty in You!

Silk Sarees that Brings out the Elegance & Beauty in You!

Silk sarees are also known as the renowned Pattu saree in South India is produced from silk fabric, which is a natural fiber, comes from the cocoons of mulberry silkworms through a process named as Sericulture. The silk is used to weave a variety of textiles like Silk sarees, raw silk sarees, tussar silk, Mysore silk, soft silk sarees and etc.

The silk fabric has a gleaming look and it is predominantly the famous attire of South Indian women. Especially on festive occasions, there is always a huge demand for silk sarees. Usually women buy silk sarees from the Silk town Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu.

Origin of Silk Sarees:

It is believed that Silk thread from native silkworm species existed in South Asia during the time of Indus valley civilization accounting from 2450 BC to 2000 BC. Even before that Silk has its roots in China by 2500 BC.

What is unique about Kanchipuram Silk Sarees?

The special course of weaving makes Kanchipuram Silk sarees exquisite and one of a kind. The pure silk sarees are best known for their finest texture, motifs having zari of silk threads being dipped in gold and silver liquids. These Silk sarees are made with intricate designs that are woven into the body of the saree with gold thread used to form unique patters or motifs with pure zari borders. The Silk is well known for its eminence and craftsmanship. Good fine count weaves with suitable enhancement; appropriate linings and smooth texture, with the special shimmer quality have kept its reputation as a valuable product to be preserved with at most care and used on special occasions like weddings, festivals and grand celebrations.


The Kanchipuram Silk Sarees is adored for its shimmering motifs which makes the Silk Sarees attractive and exclusive. Ever since the origin of silk sarees the motifs depict the tale of ancient history, scenic palaces, beautiful paintings, the prominent temples or the beautiful god and goddess into its border design. While the body includes checks, stripes, floral buttas and pyramidal temple designs.

Special features – Silk Sarees:

Usually the weavers used to weave the body and the pallu of the saree separately and join them at the end. When you take a close look you can find the zip zag pattern where the body of the saree meets the pallu. The border of the saree is also weaved separately and all the three parts are joined together. The process of joining the pallu, body and the border is known as Korvai, which is done with at most perfection.

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