Fashion for Campus – Blending in with the Crowds at Campus

Rather than standing out, young teens are anxious to blend in to become as inconspicuous as possible. This way they can have a lot of fun with a lot of friends always willing to back up activities. Some of these do aspire to become divas or dudes but they won’t tell you that.

If you are going to college and worried about fashion wear, here are a few guidelines from campus fashion gurus.

Going to campus after the summer hols is eagerly awaited by one and all. You can take lonesome boredom only so much and no more. Then there is curiosity and adventure in coming up against new things and persons. Academic years do bring pressure of doing well in studies but being impressive outside, the classroom has a lure of its own.

Stock up your closet space; refurbish your wardrobe with top styles. A checklist organized with selected items according to fashion experts will help you greatly. Your dress contributes to your personality and uniqueness.

Fashion designer Niyati Manoj says investing in a few denim pairs is best if your college allows them. Skinny jeans are always a go-to option so having at least one pair is a must for everyone. Accessorize footwear with your tops. Strappy flats, tan wedges, classic white sneakers work in marvelous ways with denim. And then who can dare to go without slouchy boyfriend jeans for that comfy look option?

Own one or two smart sweatshirts to wear over jeans when the breeze stirs up. Ripped denim jeans are the current rage and are bound to be around for quite some time. Maybe you are too anxious about wearing extremely distressed jeans on campus, but wearing acid-washed pairs with a few nicks and cuts could be just the choice to look trendy yet slick. Pins and patches craze is here to stay too, you can find a great variety online.

Graphic tees are common and best bet. Tees with quirky typography are good once in a while, some own a whole lot of these. Interesting trendy prints from tropical to tribal are in. stock up on Ruffles, off-shoulder and cold-shoulder tops while experimenting with color.

Many colleges mandate girls wear ethnic dresses to campus. Look stylish in Indian wear as much as in western wear. Good styling is the key no matter which dress code you choose. You can pair calf-length flowy kurtas with Palazzos to stay up to date with current trends.

Jewelry and backpacks make up cute accessories. Sling bags and tote bags. Long-line cardigans and lightweight jackets round up athleisure appeal. Use slim chokers with both Indian as well as western wear.

Graphic print T-shirts are a wardrobe staple for boys. Don’t limit yourself to favorite band, TV series or a movie. Choose popular Disney-inspired apparel. Nautical prints trend summer and monsoon. Funny catchphrase tees are hip and in. don’t be overzealous with your ripped jeans. More than enough cuts and slashes may lend a beggarly look making you uncomfortable in upmarket trendy fashion places. Own casual sneakers, loafers and a pair of strong running shoes.

Formal dress requirements need well-tailored linen trousers or chinos teamed with semi-formal shirts. Alternate fashion designs with stripes, checks and solid colors. Own a good leather belt, a pair of aviators, and a digital watch, a satchel-styled bag or a backpack.

Use these tips and tracks to become a college diva/dude.

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