Makeup & Skincare

How Does Jade Roller Works – Benefits and Uses

Beauty enthusiasts are always on the hunt for your latest innovations in skincare however this time that the cutting edge gizmo appealing audiences is really a tool rooted in history. We are talking about conventional Chinese derma rollers made of jade, that can be said to boost blood flow and …

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Beauty Tips to Beat the Heat This Summer

No one prefers heat and humidity. If it does, get unbearable you need a few tips to beat the heat to keep looking fresh. Here are some tips from makeup artists and beauty professionals on how to look your best in sweltering weather.  Use a primer If you want to …

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Makeup and Skincare Tips to Defy Ageing

Some people never realize it is their own responsibility to age gracefully. Age sneaks up from behind before you realize it is often too late to do anything about it. It’s best to start early or in time to keep looking your best and far younger than your years. You …

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