5 Leading Fridges to Look for this Summer in India 2019

latest fridge

The Indian summer season is the right time for many customers to buy the latest fridge. It is majorly because it is also the time when most of the leading companies in India come up with new launches. If you are also looking to purchase the latest fridge, then you …

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6 Suggestions to Improve Fire Safety of a Workplace

Fire Safety

Fire is a common cause of property loss so fire safety is essential. Every workplace needs to take precautionary measures to stay safe from fire hazards. In the workplace, there are a lot of people working and their safety is the owner’s responsibility. There are a lot of appliances that …

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The Benefits of Having Records of Equipment Maintenance

Equipment Maintenance

As we all know that safety is considered to be the most important thing of any workplace. Actually, all the advanced technological equipment’s are operated by electricity that’s why it is very important that wiring, fuses, electrical panels, and circuits will be working properly. Normally people are not very much …

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4 Ways To Minimize AC Fire Hazards

air conditioner

Air conditioning is integral to the lifestyle of homeowners in Tampa and other hot, humid places across the country.  However,  improper operations often cause HVAC units to catch fire. According to the Home Structure Fires report by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), air conditioners were responsible for an average …

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Things to Consider Before Hiring A Refrigerator Repair Service Provider

refrigerator repair and Maintenance

Relatively every kitchen has refrigerator as a basic appliance of the house. It has an indissoluble part with regards to make life similar inside the house. Not at all like a few different types of gear, refrigerator repair is a standout among the most vital works, in the event of …

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