Seven Challenges That Affect Online Advertising Today

Today, advertising is much more than just about raising brand awareness. Using the same old assumptions will result not only slow growth, but even decline in sales. Here are online advertising challenges that you need to consider:

  • Fraud: Frauds related to online advertising are getting out of control and according to JPMorgan Chase, they have cost victims more than $16 billion annually. This is a serious impediment and may degrade trust among consumers. In many cases, fraudsters are already miles ahead and business owners are being left behind.
  • Financial waste: It is quite astounding to know how much money that online advertisers waste. They may waste money on various questionable contributions, such as middlemen and ads with poor views. You should know that poorly prepared and positioned ads could significantly reduce visibility. If you continue doing this, the waste factor will be beyond belief.
  • Public de-sensitivity: Global consumers have been desensitized by various online advertising. They are so annoyed and fed up by the relentless onslaught of various online advertising messages. In fact, online advertising is among the most distrusted and disliked forms of marketing messages. For this reason, we see that the use of ad blocking software has become more common. Ad blockers are the mortal enemy of many marketers.
  • Reduced effectiveness: Online advertising is growing, but we can question whether it is actually effective. In some cases, advertisers only get 5 clicks per 10,000 served ads. It could be argued that online ads have significantly lesser impacts on businesses and they become less effective.
  • Improper placement: Regardless of the promises of publishers and advertising agencies, business owners have little control on where their ads will be shown. This further reduces the potential effectiveness of your online advertising. The use of keywords to determine the relevance of advertising is the most common method, however we often see that ads shown on pages have little or no relevance with the content.
  • Proliferation of fake news: Getting interesting news can be very challenging and some advertisers actually rely on fake news to attract interests. Pages that contain fakes news will deceive consumers and when they find out, you will eventually lose trust. Many people simply don’t know who to believe and this reduces the effectiveness of online advertising in general.
  • Degraded journalism: Content drives advertising, which result in sales. It means that poor content won’t help you in boosting the success of advertising. Readers prefer only quality content from trusted publishers. They will read content from The New York Times over little known websites. It means that you need to focus on working with trusted publishers.
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