The Role Of AI In Enhancing The Customer Experience In Ecommerce

Customer experience is an important factor that drives growth and success for any eCommerce business. The customer experience can be enhanced with the help of data insights. The behaviors of the customers can be messy and it is a daunting task to collect the data. This is where the need for AI comes in.

Artificial Intelligence is a combination of machine learning and deep learning to collect data in order to enhance customer experience. It focuses on performing tasks that usually require human intelligence. As far as eCommerce is concerned, Artificial Intelligence helps in providing more personalized experience to the customers, which in turn leads to overall satisfaction. Many eCommerce sites have adopted the AI applications as it helps in digitally transforming the process with customer centricity. A recent study by Business insider stated that by 2020 around  85% of the customer interactions will be managed through Artificial Intelligence.

The Role of AI in Improving Customer Experience - Seehash Ecommerce Website Development in Chennai

Listed here are some of the AI applications that are being used by eCommerce sites today.

Chatbots – Chatbots are virtual AI agents that are used in customer engagement scenarios to interact with customers. They provide immediate and personalized responses to the customers. It helps in eliminating the time delay, frustrations and errors in customer service, especially while handling consumer complaints.

Virtual Concierge – These help in providing personalized service and can be combined with human counterparts if required. In eCommerce, virtual concierge can act as a personal shopper for the customer and help them finding and purchasing the right product or service.

Virtual Assistants – Virtual assistants use AI to answer questions and obey the commands. It helps customers find what they want by engaging them in simple conversations. In eCommerce sites, these can help in updating the consumer on their order status, billing and other information.

How AI can enhance the customer experience in eCommerce

Personalization Is The Key

AI actually allows the eCommerce businesses to provide a more personalized experience to their customers. Want to know how? AI analyzes the datasets more effectively and efficiently than the human beings and can determine the buying patterns, purchasing behavior, the similarities that exist between the customers and other information. It analyzes millions of transactions to target a single customer. As it analyzes the behavior of a specific customer before, during and after a purchase, it allows providing a more personalized service which in turn enhances the customer engagement and customer experience.

Sentiment Analysis

These days people purchase a product after reading the reviews of the product. The product reviews have a greater impact on any brand or business. eCommerce businesses can use AI to sort out this issue. Artificial intelligence along with natural language processing can carry out sentiment analysis on the pile of reviews and determine whether a review is positive or negative. This helps eCommerce businesses to meet customer expectations and enhance their experience.

Visual Search Engine

Often customers abandon an eCommerce site as the products displayed are not relevant or attractive. Wouldn’t you be feeling great if you’re able to scan a product image and find similar products on the internet? This is what visual search engine actually does.  AI-powered visual search engine is a form of search that lets the customer search for a product along with its images. It is an exceptional functionality that an eCommerce site can offer to its customers. This search provides higher accuracy and the customers can find the exact products they are looking for.

eCommerce businesses who want to stay ahead of the curve should use AI as a way to enhance the customer experience and make it more personalized, efficient and intuitive. If you own an eCommerce business and wish to gain a competitive edge using AI, the team at Seehash eCommerce website development in Chennai would be glad to help you. Contact them to know how they can help your business grow.

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