The Rising Trend Of Electric Vehicle Rental Business In India

Pollution is one of the major issues in India. Every year, we witness harrowing news of pollution rising above the danger marks threatening the lives of people in the various parts of the country. The government is pushing for several reforms across the country to ensure the pollution levels are kept in check. Electric vehicles are part of one such initiative. The electric vehicle rental service offered by many individuals and organizations is a good way to lower the pollution.

The electric vehicles or e-vehicles are a great choice for a country like ours. They solve plenty of problems in India. First up, they are eco-friendly. They rely on batteries for their movement. These batteries can bed easily charged. Each charge will help the vehicle to run for 80-100 KM depending on various factors such as road and weather conditions. These vehicles can get the top speed of 25KM/hr.

The other major advantage of using these vehicles is their small form factor. They can be easily parked in a small space where traditional vehicles face a lot of trouble in parking. We have witnessed several incidents of fights between people regarding parking space and traffic jams. By using this vehicle, we can easily skip those petty quarrels away from our daily life.

The quality of these vehicles can be determined by several certifications. Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) and International Centre for Automotive Technology (ICAT) are the major organizations take care of the quality aspect related to the following domains:

  • Noise Vibration and Harshness
  • Component
  • Fatigue
  • Photometry
  • Tyre & Wheel
  • Passive Safety
  • EMC
  • CAD & CAE

Their running cost is a good indication of their cost-effective operation and high returns. The reputed variants can have the running cost of 40 paise per KM. It is quite good for anyone who wants to set up a business of operating these vehicles. They can easily start a renting business with these sturdily built vehicles. The ROI will be pretty good because of the above-mentioned low running cost.

Many people have started the electric rickshaw on rent business with the help of trendy and trusted vehicles from reputed manufacturers. You can also do the same and earn a handsome profit. With the right research and right vehicles, you can create a name for yourself in this wonderful business model. The durable vehicles will give great ROI and will prove to be a good eco-friendly initiative on your part. You can do business without harming the environment with your service.

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