Work From Home Jobs

Five best work from home jobs for a flexible life

In today’s world, technology is evolving at a faster pace. With the rapid global developments, the way work is done in organizations is also changing. The millennials are taking over the leadership roles and modifying the working environments according to their needs.

Work From Home Jobs

The features of present-day work culture include– flexible work schedules, completion of tasks the only priority, no expenses on commuting, feedbacks are valuable, and others. The young minds are demanding work environment, where new projects, clients, and territories are assigned to them at particular intervals.

The needs of the growing young generation in the workforce has led to an emergence of work from home jobs. Employees in these jobs are not bounded by location and working in an environment that is 100 percent flexible. This practice is becoming a trend because it enhances the productivity of the employees.

A survey in 2016 revealed that about 91 percent people feel more productive while working from home, than in offices. These remote workers maintain a flexible lifestyle with the help of a reliable laptop/computer and a high-speed broadband/Wi-Fi. This enables them in staying connected with their managers.

Indian companies like CACTUS, Searchline Database Pvt Ltd, Working Solutions, and others, are coming up with work from home jobs that require no special skills and are offering attractive remunerations, just like regular jobs.

With digitalization, such companies have emerged with several innovative ways of earning money from home. Work from home jobs are becoming a viable option to make money. At present, there are a number of ways through which people can earn sufficient income. Following are five best work from home options, which can help you leverage several benefits of a convenient lifestyle. Take a look:

1.     Telemarketing

Every person receives frequent calls from telemarketers, who probably try to sell a product or a service. However, people often hung up the phone on these telemarketers. This is why, a person opting for telemarketing is required to be friendly, articulate, and thick-skinned.

Telemarketing is one of the best options to work-from-home, where you have to make multiple calls for selling certain product or service, request donations, or conduct surveys. This job type requires no specific qualification or training. However, an experience in sales can work in your favour. Hence, the entry barrier in this type of job is relatively low. In India,

Working Solutions is one such company, which provides flexible jobs of call center outsourcing, or telemarketing.

2.     Data entry

Sounding too technical, data entry jobs are simple and offer a fully independent working environment. It is a broader term, which includes occupations like clerks, electronic data processors, word processors, typists, transcribers, and coders.

Basically, in a data entry job you are required to enter accurate information on the computer. You do not need any investment in training or equipment in this job. You only need to possess knowledge of installing or uninstalling softwares, typing speed and accuracy. It doesn’t need any bachelor’s degree or previous experience.

Phoenix Data Outsourcing Pvt Ltd and Searchline Database Pvt Ltd are such companies in India, which provides data entry jobs to people.

3.     Coding

Highly skilled work, coding doesn’t require a lot of equipment. It is the best option to work from home, if you have an interest in writing computer language. There are certain affordable learning resources available online, which you can consider to learn programming.

Just like data entry, coding is also a general term. There are several coding languages, including HTML and JavaScript for websites, SQL and Python for software, or C++ and C# for apps, that you can learn. As a coder, you must be meticulous and detail-oriented.

Freelance coders are in high demand, who can carry out their work from the comfort of their homes.

4.     Transcriptionist

Working as a transcriptionist requires no costs. All you need to start at a base like is a computer/laptop, a word-processing software, internet connection, and headphones. Besides, you need to possess a good typing speed and accuracy, along with basic computer skills.

Highly autonomous, the job is all about typing out a script that’ll be provided to you by the client. It may sound simple but requires you to concentrate and dedicate time to your tasks. An experience in word processing or knowledge of computer skills can work well for you. The workload in a transcription job varies from day-to-day.  However, more you work means more the income will be.

Searchline Database Pvt Ltd basically provides convenient work from home jobs in transcription, which is a branch of data entry.

5.     Copy Editing

Copy editing is a precise job for people who have a good command the on the English language, spellings, grammar, punctuation, and accuracy. As a copy editor, you are required to review a written material, in order to check the factual accuracy, grammar, spelling, and readability of the content.

Copy editing is mainly offered to the freelancers who work from home. One can take an online copy editing course for certification in order to apply for certain recognized organizations. For people with a good knack for spelling, punctuation, and grammar, this can be a good way to make money from home.

Consider these job types if you are interested in taking up work from home jobs

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