Different Dimensions of Packaging Design In The Success Of Custom Kraft Packaging

Kraft boxes are vital for product packaging and to design valuable Kraft packaging. Many aspects are still useful to any business user of developing efficient packaging with customization method. Here is a complete solution given that how to make a subscription Kraft boxes for your brand awareness. There are three types of such boxes with dimensions used for product packaging.

1) Open Glues Kraft Boxes

These boxes are using to make food packaging or to produce animal feeds, and frozen fruits. These boxes are made with Kraft paper and with polyethylene material. Flexo technology used to design custom packaging with multiple color themes.

Dimensions of Open Glues Kraft Product Package:

  • Length is approximate ranges from 20cm to 120 cm
  • Width is approximate ranges from 20cm to 60 cm
  • The bottom is approximate ranges from 7cm to 22 cm

2) Valve Kraft Boxes

These boxes are used for high-speed filling products. These ultra-thin boxes are made with Kraft paper and fine-tuning textures. Special closure techniques are used to design filling textures.

Dimensions of Valve Packaging:

  • Length is approximate ranges from 30cm to 120 cm
  • Width starts ranges from 30cm to 60 cm
  • The bottom is approximate ranges from 7cm to 22 cm

3) Mini Custom Kraft Boxes

These boxes are usually designed to hold food item with weight for 3-8 kg. These packagings are available in different sizes which are based on the product weight. These boxes are specially designed for transportation purposes.

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Dimensions of Mini Kraft Packing:

  • Length is approximate ranges from 24cm to 40 cm
  • Width is approximate ranges from 22cm to 45 cm
  • The bottom is approximate ranges from 8cm to 14 cm

Wrap Your Product Package In Custom Kraft Boxes:

Have you spent lots of month and years to know that how to publish your product in the market? There are different ways to present your product with complete Kraft packaging designs to promote your brand awareness in the society. Custom Kraft packing is a new method to organize your product in different ways. If you want to design a box, then there are prefigured dimensions used to customize your package in one go. Further, we will mention out the ways through which you can add your brand and products in the catalog.

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  1. Build customer loyalty: By building customer loyalty is a fast and cost-effective way to make or promote custom packing and bring your product band at peak.
  2. Make customize Kraft box that can fit in any item: Try to make best food packaging by using brown Kraft boxes to protect your product from sun rays. The production team helps you to adjust all the stock items construction methods, dimensions, and material.
  3. Custom packaging requirement: As you know that package size depends upon the product size, but minimum size of Kraft package should be of 25 inches. For those bags who have outer window panel then the volume should go up on 50 inches of scale. Products with value-added tables require specialized service and Kraft material.
  4. Printing branding and capabilities of dimension: Branding of the product should consider while designing custom Kraft boxes. Before starting to create any Kraft box you need to find its length and width. All the dimensions should be measured in inches. For example, custom Kraft box width should range from 2 inches to 21 inches with gusseted designs. On the other hand, lengths can be measured from 2 inches to 30 inches.

Three Things to Consider While Designing Custom Kraft Packages:

1) Friendly Environment

Many people will not even by your package which is harmful to their health and environment. That’s why this factor will leave a bag impression on your long-term customers, Use of Kraft in making brown and straightforward Kraft boxes can bring on environment-friendly behavior to millions of people.

2) Safety Of Product:

You should consider this factor because right packaging boxes can protect your food products. This is a plus point for any company that by designing those Kraft pillow boxes wholesale that are ultra-protective means to gain more valuable customers.

3) Branding

As you know that the company needs to make packaging for their product branding and promotions to target the large group of the audience through their elegant custom boxes. Try to use Kraft boxes to grow your brand awareness in the society and appeal maximum customers to expose your brand idea through custom Kraft packing.

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