Design Tips To Create Eye Catching Visual Content For Social Media

Design Tips To Create Eye Catching Visual Content For Social Media

Creating effective and eye-catching graphics on social media is one of the toughest part when you need to drive engagement. Sometimes the image creation becomes a frustrating job when you can’t decide the right fonts, colors and other significant elements.

We all know that visual content plays a very important role in driving the engagement on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

The visual content can be in many forms other than just photos, like quotes, post designs, infographics, etc. To optimize your presence on social media, it’s important that your photos and all other visual content is compelling, relevant and correctly formatted.

With the rapid increase in users of social media platforms, the businesses don’t leave any stone unturned to use it for their benefits. Images are driving the internet more than ever before, and this trend doesn’t seem to end anytime soon.

According to a survey by Adobe and Software Advice, 80% of respondents considered the images either ‘important’ or ‘very important’ to optimize their marketing on social media.

However, some of them don’t realize the importance of visual content or have problems optimizing it.

If you are one of these sort, then following are the top design tips to create eye-catching visual content for social media.

Simple yet effective design

More than 40 million photos are uploaded on Instagram every day, revealed a 2017 survey. It’s not only about Instagram, other social media platforms too have more photos uploads as compared to just plain content. This shows how faster social media has become.

With millions of posts every day, people scroll in no time and consume only the visual content that is simple. Thus, you really need to keep the designs simple to drive engagement. Just break down the information into separate posts, and post more images rather than posting a couple of images which are complex to consume.

When writing content on photos, keep the font size large enough so that end-users can read it without having to zoom it.

Design specific images for different platforms

It’s clear that all the social media platforms are different when it comes to visual content posting. Hence, the same image is not going to work for all the platforms. You need to follow some rules particularly for each platform. There are different technical specifications for every platform, like image dimensions, pixels, etc.

For example, Instagram pictures look better when they are square-shaped. Instagram also accept more sizes. But if you are uploading a cover photo on Facebook, then a square-sized photo won’t work. There are ideal image sizes for all social media platforms, which you need to strictly follow for consumer engagement. But it is not as simple as it seems.

Social media graphic designing tools can help you out with the ready-to-use templates for each of the social media networks. My favorite is Canva. You can try others too.

Effective page headers

The page headers on social media are the cover photos on Facebook, header photos on Twitter, and the profile pictures on all social media platforms.

Whenever someone visits your social media handle, the first thing they see is your page header and brand name. The page headers show your first impression to the consumers. So, it is important to make a good impression.

Design the page headers according to ideal size, and try to match the tone of your brand with it. Keep the design of headers consistent with your branding style.

Communicate with audience

A very good thing about social media is that the audience can comment on your posts. You need to make use of the feature to drive engagement.

Once in a while, post some photos through which you ask questions, or start a social media competition where they can participate, etc.

For this, design images which focus more on the participation of the audience, rather than posting a status update. It is similar to a show where the performer makes the audience participate. This way, he breaks the wall between the audience and him.

Varied posts

Just like you can’t eat the same meal every day, your audience too won’t like the same kind of posts all the time. Of course, you need consistency in your posts, but mixing up a little won’t hurt.

For example, everyone loves motivation at the beginning of the day. So, you can post a quote that interests everyone. Posting varied content can increase your followers and make your brand reach more audience.

Consider posting some GIFs or videos as well rather than just posting the photos. Make sure to maintain the tone of your brand when posting the varied content.

Realistic Call to Action

The call-to-action is the most significant part of social media branding. In fact, the goal of your presence on social media is to generate more leads. Hence, it is crucial to use the perfect call to action content.

You need to use images, designs and words that appeal the audience. The simple CTAs like ‘Buy now’, ‘Download today’ etc. no longer work. You need to use realistic words and design in such a way that the consumer feels what you say through your visual content.

These are some of the tips that can help you create an eye-catching visual content for your social media platforms. Visit the established website and observe how they present themselves on social media. It can be very helpful.

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