How can Call Centers reduce the Hold Time to Enhance Customer Experience?

To bolster business’s reputation, it is very crucial to render unsurpassable customer service. To make that happen, outsourced call center solutions come into the consideration because BPO firms have been rendering top-notch services for more than a decade.

But sometimes customers get irked when they have to wait for a long period of time to get the desired resolutions. Apart from that, long hold time always leads to a high customer attrition rate, which, in turn, results in low-profit levels. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to state that the average hold time somewhere decides the business’s productivity.

Do you want to reduce the average hold time as much as possible to enhance the CX? Following pointers are nothing less than a helping hand for you:

Improve call routing system

Do you know the best way to reduce hold time? ‘Keep improving the call routing system.’ This is so because if customers get redirected to the right department, the agents can offer the desired resolutions without taking much time.

Apart from that, it is imperative to invest money in the automation technology because oftentimes common issues such as resetting a password, checking an account balance, etc. kill agent’s precious time.

Moreover, it is significant for the agents to make notes on common issues that customers discussed during the interaction. These notes should be reviewed on the regular basis so that new menu options could be added into the automated system. This aspect will surely help in rendering supreme outsourced call center solutions.

Take staffing seriously

Well, BPO firms have always been known for their large workforce. But sometimes BPO firms don’t take staffing seriously. This silly mistake always amplifies the average hold time during the high call volumes, which, in turn, leads to negative reviews and poor productivity.

Therefore, it is significant to schedule staff in such a way that ensures customers get quick resolutions during the busiest hours. It would be icing on the cake if BPO firms start monitoring their data closely in order to know when the highest volume periods occur. This will surely help in delivering phenomenal outsourced call center solutions.

Make suitable changes in call scripts

Well, there should be no doubt that call centres always try to provide reliable call scripts to agents so that nothing can affect the customer experience during the interaction.

But sometimes BPO firms also add those questions that customers usually don’t ask. This creates unnecessary problems for the agents during the customer interaction because they fail to find the frequently asked questions in the scripts. Consequently, this factor increases the average hold time.

Therefore, it is paramount to check call recording logs, especially the long ones to get to know about the changes that are yet to be made in the call scripts. Moreover, taking agent’s suggestions could also help in creating reliable call scripts.

Monitor your agent’s performance

Being an owner of a reputed BPO firm, you obviously have some trustworthy agents that always deliver their best to bring the desired results for you. But it doesn’t mean that you should stop monitoring your agent’s performance because you will never know about those agents who are taking more than enough time to solve customer’s queries.

Of course, we aren’t telling that you should start doubting your agent’s loyalty. All we want to say that every agent should put efforts equally to reduce the average hold time for the sake of enhanced customer experience.

There are many equipment and software available in the market that can help in monitoring live calls. Furthermore, it would be cherry on the cake if you let your agents know their performance scores. This aspect will surely encourage the customer service team to raise the bar. As a result, this will surely decrease the average hold time and boost the business’s productivity.

Let your agents make some crucial decisions

From the business’s point of view, it is understandable that higher authorities should make all the important decisions to prevent all the issues that can affect the business’s reputation and bottom line. But the negative consequence of this aspect is that average hold time usually gets increased.

Let’s discuss in depth; agents oftentimes know the solution of the intricate situation but still they have to put customer call on hold to take the permission of supervisors or managers before making any decision. This not only reduces the CSAT score but also raises questions on the business’s productivity.

To deliver prodigious outsourced call center solutions, it is highly suggested to let agents make some crucial decisions so that customers can avail the desired solutions sooner rather than later. Apart from that, it is imperative for the agents to never take the authority of making important decisions for granted.

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