12 Important Life Lessons from Albert Einstein

Einstein may have been a genius and a great scientist, but he was also a great connoisseur of many aspects of life. He knew the importance of imagination, the importance of being in motion, and most importantly, continue to learn. The human brain is not designed to be stagnant and the capacity it can reach is still unknown. Using your brain, your potential, and your life is your responsibility otherwise you are deceiving yourself.

1.- Intelligence is measured by the ability to adapt to change
In other words be attentive and do not bury your head in the sand. The world and the economy are constantly changing. Whatever your profession, you need to look to the future and analyze how these changes can affect you.

Keep up the pace, have a network of friends and colleagues. Do not stay stuck with lack of interest, but run the risk of losing many opportunities.

2. Education is what remains after you have forgotten everything you learned in school.
Never stop developing your talents. If you have the capacity for languages or to play an instrument, continue practicing and maintaining those skills. These hobbies and talents can help you earn money and give you an option in case you lose your job, while they can serve to have a separate business.

3.- I do not have special talents. I’m just passionately eager to learn.
Have goals and dreams and never give up on wanting what you want to achieve. Make a list of your goals and act, search all possible means to reach them, be as precise and accurate as you can be. Not only do you say I want a better life or more money, deepen and fix in your mind every day what you want for the future so that your desires manifest in this way.

Having goals is like putting gas in the tank, this means that you are progressing, developing and going forward. Having small goals is also good, like planning a weekend, having lunch with a friend, or a walk in the park.

4. Only the person who engages in a cause with all the power and strength of his soul can be a true teacher. So being an expert demands everything from the person.
This may sound overwhelming and you may come to think: I have not achieved anything yet.

Having a list of goals and not stopping to get them is something that gives a lot of satisfaction. This reinforces the idea that you are taking action to achieve the end result.

5.- I am afraid of the day when technology surpasses human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.
By using this phrase I mean that we must keep up with the advances of technology, but not let them control our lives.

Very often we hide in our phones, tablets, laptop. The art of conversation seems to be dying as we walk and we’re texting and navigating and sliding our finger across the screen.

Find the right balance and open up to a world of opportunities. In life you have to know how to balance things, so use technology to your advantage and not disadvantage.

6.- The only reason for Time is because not everything happens in a single moment
That’s why time should be used intelligently. We’re all guilty of saying “I do not have time” of course we all have a life, but that should not be used as excuses if you have to travel to work take advantage of listening to an audio of how to improve Or create businesses instead of just listening to the radio or just staring into space. Keep a sleep routine and do not make it a habit to sleep all weekends on the morning. We all have 168 hours each week and we must squeeze every last drop.

7. He who never committed an error never treated anything new.
Taking risks can be frightening but a risk-free life is also frightening. Starting a new life or a business will get you out of the comfort zone you are in. Ariesgate, face rejection. What is life without the risk element?

8. There are two ways to live life: Thinking that nothing is supernatural or living believing that everything is a miracle.
In other words, everything is in the way you have to see things. Having an attitude of gratitude for small things, there is always something to be grateful for. A bath with hot water at the end of a long day of work, or someone who will prepare you a cup of tea.

Happiness is not only found in great gestures. Use all your senses: enjoy the food you eat, the birds sing. It’s amazing what happens when you stop and you’re aware.

9. The value of Man is measured by the ability to give not by what he is able to receive.
Giving should be our priority and not what we can get. Money is important, but many of us suffer because we do not have it or because we need more. Money is like the side effect of the value we give to others, so whatever you do make sure it benefits everyone.

In other words what you give back to you. That energy that we put for others comes back to us, so if we give something of value we will attract that same thing back to us.

10.- The imagination is everything, it is like watching a movie before it is released.
Use your imagination and create a mental picture of what you want in your life. Create a vision of the best of you and of a better life and go to that reality. Our world is the product of our thoughts, use them to create what you want. A blackboard with drawings that illustrates what you want is fantastic. Let the power of your thoughts attract all you want to achieve.

11. The only real value is intuition.
Listen and trust your heart or sixth sense, it is something I firmly believe. Like the instinct of a mother who in an inexplicable way feels that something is wrong or that a person is not right.

12.Book bags everywhere!
Add an extra item in your doorstep checklist; keys, phone, wallet, best business book for beginners. Carrying a book with you at all times is a great trick to start reading more habitually.
You will find that there are a lot of times where you can read a chapter or two, such as instead of staring at your computer screen or checking your email for the 15th time.

Have an honest conversation with yourself. What you are passionate about, gives you joy. Many of us go through life doing what others say is the right thing to do and thus nullify what we truly want.

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