Beauty Tips to Beat the Heat This Summer

No one prefers heat and humidity. If it does, get unbearable you need a few tips to beat the heat to keep looking fresh. Here are some tips from makeup artists and beauty professionals on how to look your best in sweltering weather. 

Use a primer

If you want to make a good investment, get a primer. It works well as a base to hold makeup especially for those women who regularly apply a full face of makeup.

According to Celebrity makeup artist and beauty consultant Zennie Casann, this is true. Hot weather causes oily skin under a face full of makeup. A matte primer keeps the skin from oxidizing and causing too much shine.

Invest in base protection

Base protection is always good for an au naturel look. Makeup artists recommend using a BB or CC cream for antioxidant benefits and correcting skin redness. A CC cream with SPF 30++ also works as a sunblock to protect your face from harmful UV rays. Makeup artist Marjorie Teo says, “CC cream is tinted to look like foundation, but it’s not.”

Go for oil-free products

Staying oil-free in hot weather is important because of sweat. Hydrating products like moisturizers and eye creams must be oil-free. Suitable water- or hydro-based skincare products help fight the heat and are worth time, effort and higher costs. Teo recommends women with young and non-mature skin should use a light lotion moisturizer, gel or serum to keep the face looking young. “The lesser the content of oil (in your makeup), the better.”

Waterproof makeup is key

Sometimes you can’t avoid being out and about in the sun. Sweating and melting face leads to smudged makeup. Avoid becoming unglamorous with waterproof makeup. You think eyelids do not perspire. Think again. “Eyelids tend to get oily because they perspire, so waterproof mascara helps to hold the lashes and prevent them from smudging. Similarly for eyeliners as well,” said Sng.

Facial washes and natural skincare products

Stop believing myths. A prevalent misconception among those with oily skin is to use harsh soap or facial wash to make skin feel tight. According to Teo, “They would think their skin is clean.” She says it is natural for the face to feel oily in Singapore’s climate. The best way then is to wash it without removing the facial oil by using products with low alcohol content.

Casann agrees that natural skin care products containing ingredients like stem cells are good options. Stem cells help women renew and repair their skin. Too much exposure to the sun harms the skin. Use a serum to guard against sun damage.

Clean your face with a mild cleansing milk or gel wash before applying any beauty product or makeup.

Facial sprays are handy

Facial spray or face mist such as the Evian Mineral Water Spray is easy to carry around with you. Casann says you can use it any time of day for moistening your skin and refreshing it instantly.

Following so many tips may not be convenient or become overwhelming at times. In such circumstances, less is best. “Go with a facial wash and basic skincare, then primer and foundation,” said Teo.

Most importantly, Casann adds, “Hydrate your skin by drinking lots of water.”

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