Tips on buying a Japanese used car in Kenya

Owning a car has become a genuine need, no matter what part of the world you are living in. it has not just been a the luxury of a person’s life, but considered as a basic need of human beings. It is not like that you must have a car even if you can’t afford it. One must struggle to reach that potential of to just bear that kind of expense. Obviously, when there are numerous luxuries options to buy a car, you must be aware of the trendiest yet affordable ones at Japanese car auction in Kenya.

Due to the increase in internet penetration, it has been very much easier to find a Japanese used car through a lot of classified ads, social media, and ecommerce websites. Since it is getting very common around the globe, falsities are expected surely like every other market. It is advised that you must follow the following tips to assure the reliability of your car seller authentic in Kenya. Take all the required measures before the damage.

  1. Know Your Budget:

A brief analysis of your budget and needs accordingly is very essential. It is a very realistic idea that is always taken into account before making a purchase, so does here. The decision is made after the in-depth study of two major facts, “what you can afford” and “how much you should spend.” If you can afford a car, it never interprets that you must go for it or it is the option for you. Make sure to do your research and go through proper strategic planning to identify your need and also the budget for that.

  1. Inspection

After selecting the most appropriate car for you, make sure to get it through the inspections of your right-hand mechanic. He’ll tell you about the odds and ends of that vehicle honestly. In the matter, you can also involve a third party, which will be giving the just indication concerning the vehicle’s value. Eventually, you’ll know if it is worth your money since you are acquainted of all the mechanical issues, if any.

  1. Ownership

Once the inspection is done and the vehicle’s transition of ownership is announced officially, now it is you duty to have a copy of that ownership documents from the seller. Particularly, if you are buying from some private vendor, legalization is emphasized the most. It is your evidence for the ownership transition.

  1. Verification

It is something of great importance. To know the vehicle’s history, you must conduct an inspections through some reliable online tools. When you opt for it, you’ll definitely obtain substantial amount of information regarding all the prior matters of that vehicle. For instance, you’ll be able to know if the car duty is paid in full, it is stolen, used for some illegal purpose, or the engine and chassis number have been damaged. Such details are helpful in estimating the value of that particular car.

  1. Contract

While going through the purchasing process, make sure to get things done under a proper car sales agreement contract. As when things are laid down with the proper documentations and formalities, there are less chances of inconveniences. Inclusion of a witness while filling the details and signing the papers could be a plus.

  1. Payment

From the very first point, we are emphasizing on keeping the proof of everything. The same we are asking for here as well. While making payment, make sure to do it in the best form where you’ll get a receipt of each penny that you pay. We would suggest a bank’s cheque and money transfer.

  1. Documentation

NTSA TIMS is an official online portal for the Kenyan to get their vehicles registered at their convenience. When they inform the authorities about the transition of vehicle’s ownership, a Transport Integrated Management System (TIMS) is implemented for its public announcement. All you need to do is get a cop of car owner’s ID card and PIN number to generate he request of an online transfer of ownership through this channel.

  1. Transfer Fee

Don’t forget that car purchase costs an arm and a leg. You have to be very cautious as little expenses are charged at every next step. Here is another one that asks for transfer fee and purchase tax. Snice both are necessary, you can’t ignore the one. Based on the capacity of your car’s engine, the online platform of NTSA TIMS declares the expense amount.

  1. Insurance Cover

After all the above steps are taken, now is the time to get insurance policy for your potential car. However there are numerous insurance aggregators in Kenya, you can pick the one you can trust blindly with Premium Rates online.

Some Important Question that you may ask

Apart from need, there are a lot of people who end up buying a car because they are getting it at a good price. Very less often, such deals get the value for their money, which is why, following serious questions must also be considered while buying a car.

  • Should I buy a car?

As mentioned earlier, the car has become a necessity these days. But still, do you really need it? If yes, you need to be very clever as a new car depreciates a lot even after its test drive. You can save yourself from losing a fortune in such depreciation values by purchasing a used car that is certified by its dealers and makers.

  • Is the maintenance of car possible?

Most of the times, maintenance cost of the car is pricier than its actual cost. So, you must research about any operating expense, insurance, annual tax, or other cost that is due. Or else, you are definitely not ready to buy a car.

  • Resale of the car

While you are thinking to resell the car after a while, make sure to offer a resale value that your dream of upgrading to a better one could be fulfilled easily. The price should be justifiable yet make you quite well off to buy an upgraded car at the same time.

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