A Perfect Guide For Car Transmission Repair

As you know, Car transmission repairthe gear assembly, of a car is an essential component to keep proper control of the car. Though an automatic car transmission can last to approximately 7 years, it can face problems depending on the usage. Any problem in a car’s transmission can lead to total gear failure too.

How To Detect A Car Transmission Problem?

Car Transmission Repair

Knowing when your car is facing problem in its transmission is essential, you should not ignore it. Driving a car that has transmission problems can be dangerous and you will be posing risk to life and property. The following signs can help you to know when the transmission faces problems in the car so that you can take the necessary steps to repair it:

  • Improper usage of gears: You may face difficulty in changing the car gears. The car may shift, to the opposite side when you are changing it too. The shifting of gears is not stable, and also, you may hear some unusual sound while shifting the gear. It is a possibility that the car’s transmission is having a problem.
  • Slippage: The car may start having problems while the driver increases the speed of the vehicle. I. The gear may also shift automatically without human intervention.
  • Bad fluid pump: There can be a possibility of fluid leakage in the transmission. If you notice any fluid leakage from the car, you must consider it as serious trouble as it could be a problem of car transmission repair. The car also makes whining noises while shifting gears.
  • Overdue of car: If you see that the car starts slowly or there is a delay in shifting the gears, it can be a symptom of lousy car transmission. You may notice your car might not move or refuses to go after changing the apparatus, as it usually should.

Repairing Bad Car Transmission

If you have recognized any of the symptoms mentioned above, it could be a possibility that your car is suffering from a bad transmission. You should immediately take your car to the service shop and have it examined.

If car transmission repair is not done on time, the metal shavings of the engine might chip off and get stuck up inside the coolant of the car, causing more problems. Moreover, the cost of repairing it will be more.

So, in some cases, repairing the transmission is more beneficial as it might not cost much, however, while others can cost as expensive as the value of the car itself.

Things To Keep In Mind:

Car Transmission Repair

  • Warranty: Check for the car transmission’s warranty before spending on its repair. You may benefit from the existing warranty. The company gives you most of the components of the transmission that are needed in car transmission repair. This will save you a lot.
  • Range: Consider every shop’s cost in repairing your car transmission. The scope of the cost to improve the transmission may vary from shop to shop. Choose the best shops which charge normally service fees for repairing works.
  • Value: If the version of your car is older, it might be more convenient for you to buy a   new car.  So Never choose car transmission repair if you are using vintage cars since the cost of repair will be more. So, before repairing the transmission, you must check the sale value of your car.

Car Transmission Repair Cost Ideas

The approximate cost ideas for various replacements of the transmission components are as follows (excluding labor charges):

  • Solenoid Replacement: $100
  • Valve body Replacement: $200 to $500
  • Mount Replacement: $50 to $200
  • Complete transmission replacement: $2500 to $6000.


The problems in car transmission repair may also happen due to the uneven ways of usage. You must keep checking your car transmission’s fluid level often. Check the heat produced while shifting the gear, downshift it manually to avoid chances of bad car transmission.

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