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With A Suspended Or Revoked License, Many Insurance Companies May Not Sell Unlicensed Car Insurance To You

In the US, driving without valid insurance is a legal offence and liable for legal action. And if you do not have a valid driver’s license, you will find it difficult to get car insurance without license. While you may be tempted to drive illegally, without a license and insurance, it is a big gamble. likely to backfire. In an accident, you will have to bear all the medical expenses and property damages.

With a suspended or revoked license, you come across as a high-risk customer. Therefore, it is highly likely that many insurance companies may not sell unlicensed car insurance to you. This is primarily because the driving license number is needed for the policy. Also, a driver’s record is pulled out and reviewed to determine the cost of insurance.

This, however, does not mean that all insurance companies will deny car insurance for no license drivers. In fact, there are some insurers that specialize in high-risk insurance options. They are your best bet to get car insurance without license. It is possible though that the extent or duration of the coverage may be limited. For instance, if your driver’s license has been suspended, you may be allowed to buy no driver license car insurance till the time it takes for your driver’s license to get reinstated. This lets you keep your coverage continuous as with lapses in coverage you risk losing out on discounts. Most insurance companies reinstate the coverage when the lapse is only a few days, especially for those having a good record with the company.

If the lapse in your vehicle insurance crosses 90 days and you are still driving around, your driver’s license is liable to be revoked. Even if you can get the minimum state-mandated unlicensed car insurance, it will serve your purpose of being continuous with your vehicle insurance.

There are huge costs attached to lapses in your vehicle insurance. You will likely pay $1,287 for up to 15 days, $1,291 for 30-day lapse, and $1,368 for 60-day lapse. Whereas, the average clean record premium is pegged at $1,215. So, even if you are facing problems with your driver’s license, it makes monetary sense to look around for car insurance for people with no license such that your vehicle insurance does not lapse, attracting penalties and increased premiums on renewal. Most insurance companies significantly increase the premium amounts, should you fail to renew the policy.

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