Social Media Marketing is the best way to do digital marketing: An honest look

Social Media Marketing is connecting long lost friends, family members, relatives, and parents. Its popularity is fuelled by the desire to communicate. However, the desire itself is not a new one. The desire to communicate effortlessly with one’s friends, family and peers have been profound ever since means of public communication were developed. However, it is only recently with the development of personal computers and the internet that social media really took off. You tube came in 2005 followed by Facebook and Twitter, a bit later. Photo sharing platforms, such as Instagram and Pinterest, soon followed. LinkedIn, another excellent social media platform for expanding your professional network, followed. All these platforms have become important means of brand communication and digital marketing. But the question is how effective are they to market a product? Here are some advantages:

Benefits of Social Media Marketing:

Brands today depend on various social media platforms to launch a new product, create and manage brand image and generate public interest for their products. Needless to say there are a number of benefits of social media marketing. Here are some of them:

1. It gives improved brand visibility. Most of the internet users use social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and so on. It is said that social media platforms control a large portion of the overall traffic. Therefore, companies can use such platforms to promote their brands. A new user can stumble upon the news of a product launch and get converted into a buyer.
2. It creates a brand image. Online communities on social media platforms are a great way to increase visibility and create a particular brand image for a company. For instance, a publishing company can create a Facebook page and invite lovers of a book to join its page. In this way, a company can create a loyal fan base. It is said that 53 percent of Americans who follow their favorite brand on social media are more loyal to their brands than others.
3. It gives you more chances of conversion. Facebook posts, such as videos, photos, blogs, articles and so on, are a great way to convert your followers into customers. A person might react to a video you have shared, visit your site and buy your product.
4. Finally it leads to increased inbound traffic. Without the power of social media marketing, your inbound traffic is limited to people who are already well aware of your brand. However, social media can give you the chance to tap into the vast community of internet users who can be converted into users.

However, the field of social media is not free from issues. It must be remembered that rural people, old people rarely use the social media. We must think about them. Marketers should be innovative and try to include others means of advertising with social media marketing.

Digital marketing needs to be innovative and must effectively use the social media to reach the maximum number of people. Otherwise the purpose of the social media would be defeated.

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